Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Boys Come to MJ!

Our nephews and their beautiful mother came for a visit in Nashville a couple of weekends ago and we always love when they come!  They are so cute!  I know they are getting too big to say cute, but they are.  They both loved Paisley, but Caden kept calling her his best friend, his BFF!
They really were best friends all weekend!

Caden and Paisley played fetch over and over.  I'm still amazed at how good with dogs he is.  She would bring it right back and drop it right in front of him.

My parents' 17 year old dog, P.K., was also at our house that weekend.  Poor P.K.!  She is so old, but they boys, especially Copelan loved her so much.  They both wanted their picture holding her.  I laugh just looking at these pictures again.

The boys usually wake up early like their Uncle B and Aunt C.  So we all had coffee outside on the patio with Paisley.  Brandon only brought me coffee and I had to whisper to him to remind him to bring them some as well as Copelan had already asked where his coffee was.  Their Papa Cobb lets them drink coffee with him and they think it is so fun.  So he made them some decaf like mine.
 Cutest coffee drinkers I've ever seen.  Copelan wanted to show off his mug!

We had the best weekend!  I'll leave you with Copelan being Copelan dancing around outside!

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