Monday, September 26, 2011

Big and Crazy

(If you hate dogs and people who like dogs...stop here.)

My girl is getting so BIG!  Literally.  She is quite tall compared to the other dogs in her class.  She doesn't go to the doctor until this Friday for her final puppy shots, but I'm guessing she's like 33 pounds!  Crazy.  
Literally.  She's a puppy.  I guess crazy is just part of the deal.

She loves to eat rocks.  Dead squirrels.  Yes...Dead squirrels.  At least she's off the kick where she ate her own poop.  Peanut butter.  Sticks.  Old shoes.  Practicing her tricks.  Bully sticks.  Daddy's old football.

She loves being outside.  And we love this beautiful weather!

She met a cat this week.  More specifically a tiny kitten.  At first she was timid.  Then she was batting the poor kitten around like a toy.  
See her tail going in excitement!

She's cute and we love her.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Day of Fall!

Can you believe yesterday was the first day of fall?  I know I have been excited about fall for a while now, but I am still in shock that summer is gone.  Its almost October, y'all!  2011 is almost over.  Where has my life gone?  I have officially been living in my home for almost a year and I still don't have curtains made or many decorations on the wall.  My to-do lists for this place mean nothing.  I think the paper is losing respect for me with as many times as I cried wolf.  Alas, I digress.  

On this first day of my favorite season...

Wore my favorite sweatshirt with my favorite puppy.
Who bit a hole in it.  I yelled at her.  My anger is not ready for human children.

Got my first big girl paycheck!  
Even if it was only for 3 days of work, 3 days feels like a million bucks when you haven't had a job in 3 years.

Picked two of the most adorable pumpkins from the garden!

Had to wear my Mom's clothes to work because Paisley and I spent the night again while B was out of town.  
I felt like I was in 6th grade again raiding her closet.  I'm not sure why I thought wearing a 30-something year old's clothes that were much too big to the junior high football game would be a good idea.  Luckily now, I have a cool mom who is about my size and sharing clothes looks far less awkward.

Here's to my favorite leather riding boots, my mom's high school clemson sweatshirt, scarves, my wide selection of oversized sweatpants in every shade of heather grey and black, uggs that make my feet look like hooves, and leggings I can only wear around the house.  

Here's to fall!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Style

I don't know if its just that time of year again or if you have even noticed, but I think someone spiked the water. There are babies coming out of the woodwork everywhere! So in honor of all the new babies still cookin' and the ones who've been hatched, I'm sharing some etsy baby inspiration.

Baby onsies are so cute and creative these days...

Adorable Wall Prints from Gus and Lula and Caity Shinnick.

Baby hats! What is not to love about these sweet faces?
I know the pink hat on the right is a bit much, but how can you not love it on that baby!

Stuffed animals! Every kid needs one or two or maybe ten!

Baby boots! Need I say more?

Diaper Bags do not have to be drab... Look at this bag from Nest!
Love! Its just like one of the bag from one of the kids I used to babysit. Of course you know I love the inside liner! Now, I realize I am far from a rocker chick, but the liner unzips and removes and the bag can be used as a purse later or a carry on bag when you travel long after babies are grown. Come on...I know some of you like it.

Baby stuff is so cute! So excited to get started shopping for all the new babies in our lives.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Distance Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder.

Or at least it does for me.  So so so sorry I have been AWOL for the past 2 weeks (maybe 3 I can't remember).  I know we have both been missing each other...okay so maybe it was just me missing you, but I have been just dying to get back to you all.

So let's catch up like old friends over coffee.  

All caps and exclamation points may be annoying in emails but totally necessary to express the degree of my shouting in excitement!  It was a really long and difficult week while my life was in limbo waiting to see if the outcome was positive or negative.  My life doesn't like limbo.  I really believe that it is unnecessary to make someone wait that long.  But all of that is irrelevant now I suppose.  I PASSED!  So I am a working PT.  Scary, huh?

2.  Two Words.  Erin Condren.  
Yes Erin Condren finally graced me with her presence for the 2012 year.  I have always wanted to be her friend and have her organize my life but I've never pulled the trigger.  So luckily when I finished the hardest 3 years of my life, my beautiful sister bought me one.  Yay!  

She is so beautiful!  I love the stickers.  Do you see those gorgeous tabs?  I believe I have ignited a revolution (if only people close to me can count as a revolution...let's say it can).  Three friends have gotten one.

3.  Best Husband in the WORLD!
My husband has had a gift for me for graduation for like 2 weeks and I being the stressed out, freakin-out wife that I am have refused to open it until I passed boards.  So after boards I just knew I would be able to open the gift on Thursday after my results were posted...wah wah...A week later I finally had the results and the knot in the pit of my stomach could finally dissolve.  B waited all of 3 minutes before he grabbed the gift and made me open it.  My dream gift was inside...A camera...A big one.  I'm in love.  I can't wait to photograph everything I see.  I seriously am so excited to remake a couple of my recent projects just to take new photos of them.  You just wait.  You'll be excited with the new pictures too!

4.  Puppy-girl is getting so BIG!
Paisley is 14 weeks today and about 25 lbs.  Big girl!  She is into so much these days.  It deserves a whole be posted later.

So glad we could catch up.  Can't wait to figure out how to work full-time and blog my heart out to you guys and gals ...okay so mostly gals.  Guess we'll just find the balance.  See you soon!
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