Saturday, September 17, 2011

Distance Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder.

Or at least it does for me.  So so so sorry I have been AWOL for the past 2 weeks (maybe 3 I can't remember).  I know we have both been missing each other...okay so maybe it was just me missing you, but I have been just dying to get back to you all.

So let's catch up like old friends over coffee.  

All caps and exclamation points may be annoying in emails but totally necessary to express the degree of my shouting in excitement!  It was a really long and difficult week while my life was in limbo waiting to see if the outcome was positive or negative.  My life doesn't like limbo.  I really believe that it is unnecessary to make someone wait that long.  But all of that is irrelevant now I suppose.  I PASSED!  So I am a working PT.  Scary, huh?

2.  Two Words.  Erin Condren.  
Yes Erin Condren finally graced me with her presence for the 2012 year.  I have always wanted to be her friend and have her organize my life but I've never pulled the trigger.  So luckily when I finished the hardest 3 years of my life, my beautiful sister bought me one.  Yay!  

She is so beautiful!  I love the stickers.  Do you see those gorgeous tabs?  I believe I have ignited a revolution (if only people close to me can count as a revolution...let's say it can).  Three friends have gotten one.

3.  Best Husband in the WORLD!
My husband has had a gift for me for graduation for like 2 weeks and I being the stressed out, freakin-out wife that I am have refused to open it until I passed boards.  So after boards I just knew I would be able to open the gift on Thursday after my results were posted...wah wah...A week later I finally had the results and the knot in the pit of my stomach could finally dissolve.  B waited all of 3 minutes before he grabbed the gift and made me open it.  My dream gift was inside...A camera...A big one.  I'm in love.  I can't wait to photograph everything I see.  I seriously am so excited to remake a couple of my recent projects just to take new photos of them.  You just wait.  You'll be excited with the new pictures too!

4.  Puppy-girl is getting so BIG!
Paisley is 14 weeks today and about 25 lbs.  Big girl!  She is into so much these days.  It deserves a whole be posted later.

So glad we could catch up.  Can't wait to figure out how to work full-time and blog my heart out to you guys and gals ...okay so mostly gals.  Guess we'll just find the balance.  See you soon!

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