Monday, September 26, 2011

Big and Crazy

(If you hate dogs and people who like dogs...stop here.)

My girl is getting so BIG!  Literally.  She is quite tall compared to the other dogs in her class.  She doesn't go to the doctor until this Friday for her final puppy shots, but I'm guessing she's like 33 pounds!  Crazy.  
Literally.  She's a puppy.  I guess crazy is just part of the deal.

She loves to eat rocks.  Dead squirrels.  Yes...Dead squirrels.  At least she's off the kick where she ate her own poop.  Peanut butter.  Sticks.  Old shoes.  Practicing her tricks.  Bully sticks.  Daddy's old football.

She loves being outside.  And we love this beautiful weather!

She met a cat this week.  More specifically a tiny kitten.  At first she was timid.  Then she was batting the poor kitten around like a toy.  
See her tail going in excitement!

She's cute and we love her.  

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