Sunday, October 2, 2011

Unorganized Organization

So today started out with no specific goals in mind, but after going upstairs to find one fall decoration, off on a tangent I went.  Reorganize my craft room and everything I find in the process!  Is that how it goes for you?  One tasks leads to a tornado of chaos which hopefully leads to organization in the end.  It always is with me.

So off I went creating chaos...
A big giant mess is always the best way to start a reorganization project.

First thing I found in the process...Old Christmas Cards.
A big pile from the last 4 years.  Please...that's awful.  I want to always remember what year they were from so I can watch the babes grow.  

So I whipped up a few tags ...
to make adorable bundles organized by year!  Voila...
Cute and organized!  I totally suggest this method.  Although I have heard of people who put them in photo albums which sounds nice, but too much work honestly.  Come January when I actually take down my decorations, I am so over it that I don't want to spend the extra 10 minutes to make the book.  So pretty bundles it is.

Oh and by the way...I made my husband help me make our Christmas card list in the process.  He was a good sport despite the fact that it is October 1st.  He knows I love planning ahead!

2nd thing I found...all of my random gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbons.  I was semi-organized in an old plastic comforter bag, but I just couldn't keep it organized easily the way I wanted.  So I pulled it all out.  Made a mess.  And started over.
All the small bags organized by size placed in a less important bag...just in case...wouldn't want to rip your favorite bag.
All the bigger bags placed in another unimportant bag with all the folded tissue paper by color. 
Now I know this isn't the most amazing organization you have ever seen but it works and it was free!

Third things I found to spend way to long organizing...Tulle and Ribbon!
In the process of organizing all of my recycled gift bags, I found spare ribbons attached to bags, stuffed between bags... everywhere.  So I decided to something needed to be done.  I upcycled some old toilet paper rolls to tidy up my tulle.  I rolled up all the ribbon using pins to keep it rolled.  Then used paint brushes to stack them up to avoid wasted space.  I put all the un-rollable or small pieces of ribbon in a glass container.

I tidied up my sewing area with all the piles of fabrics and fabric scraps by rolling my fabrics and displaying them in vintage metal kitchen canisters.  Aren't they so cute!

All in all, I never found what I was really looking for...frustration!  But...I really reorganized upstairs and got really excited about Christmas when I organized the boxes in our little attic closet.  I know its far to early to talk Christmas, but soon!  What are some of your organization tricks?  I love all the tips and tricks I find on pinterest, but I haven't actually employed any of them yet.

Oh well, here's to fun fall cleaning!

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  1. This makes me want to pull everything out in my craft room & organize!!! I think Will would kill me if I did that though!!


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