Sunday, October 16, 2011

9 Whole Days

You heard me correctly, a week and two days of quality time with the beautiful Candace, my beloved sister and long-time roommate, and her wiggly giggly 10 month old, my Cubs!
It was so amazing!  One of the reasons I have been a bit behind in my blogging.  I was trying to soak up the memories in the present rather than living them out through my blog.  However, I will go back and start at the beginning of this week of fun!

Cubs came to spend the night!
Two things Cubby likes at his Uncle B and Aunt Neet-ney's house:  Baby pumpkins as a teething toy and Paisley, the puppy.

Big C loves his Little C.
Cubs loves his tent that JaJa got him!

Cubby also loves the bath and his yellow duckies!
Well it is better said that Cubby loves to chew on his rubber duckies!  What 10 month old doesn't?!

Coleman's #1 favorite thing about JaJa and Big C's house...his new 4-wheeler!
It was so cute!  He loved riding it and even figured out how to push the buttons himself.

Last but nothing is ever least when it comes to Cubby...
The cutest video ever of the little wiggle worm being the cutest scene maker at JaJa's birthday dinner!
(Sorry its a little dark...Demos' loves "mood" lighting...And forgive our crazy aunt voices and antics.)
Isn't his bye-bye wave adorable?  I love it.

More updates from Candace and Coleman's visit soon!

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