Monday, January 14, 2013

Finley: 3 Months Old

My how time has flown.  I can't believe my baby girl is 3 months old.  You have changed so much this month.  You only gained a pound this month.  Now weighing in at 12 lbs. 6 oz.  This is probably because you have turned into a snacker rather than a big eater.  The doctor says its fine so we will just roll with it.  You have gone back and forth sleeping through the night and awaking more often especially after your 2 month shots when you didn't feel well.  

You love to play on your mat and bat around your toys.

You have blossomed into a chatty Cathy.  You love to talk and mimic sounds.
And you are still the smiliest baby on the block.

 You had some quality cousin time!  Copelan was especially fond of you and loved to hold you and rub your head.
You enjoyed your first Christmas and took all the hustle and bustle and crazy schedule really well.
You were such a good girl when you met Santa Claus for the first time.

You started sticking your tongue out which is so cute even if it is a bit reflexive.
You love baths and showers.
 You discovered your hands.

You spent a fun New Years Eve with Harper and Charley.

You love to "stand up" and "play" like the big girls.

You love looking and talking to the baby in the mirror.  It's one of your favorite things to do.

All in all, you've had an awesome holiday filled month.  You are such a joy!  We love you!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finley: 2 Months Old she is almost 3 months old but I'm still working my way up to the present.

Its amazing how much you have grown and changed this month.  You are such a big girl now.  You are able to hold your head up well.  Although you still look like a bobble head a lot of the time particularly when you are excited.  

We went back to the doctor again this month.  Boy have you grown.  You are now 22 inches long and 11 lbs. 6 oz.  Your double chin is still going strong and now you have added a few leg rolls which we love.  We took Daddy along this time for moral support because unfortunately, you needed more shots.

This month you learned to roll over.  Luckily Daddy was home and got to enjoy the excitement with us.

You have grown more alert each day.  You are starting to be a chatter box especially when your tummy is full.  And you continue to be the smiliest baby I know.

You still eat all the time but you learned to sleep through the night the week you turned 2 months old!  What a nice surprise for Mommy and Daddy!

This month...
Celebrated your first Thanksgiving.

You got your first Christmas tree.
 Spent some quality time with your Cubbybear!  He absolutely loves you.  He calls you "Ninley" because Finley is too hard.  He says "My Ninley.  My Ninley" when he wants to hold you.
 Had your first play date with the Clayton boys!
 Got to start wearing adorable Christmas clothes!

Month 2 was a great one!  You are so sweet and we love getting to see your unique personality coming alive.

Finley: 1 Month Old

I can't believe you are already 1 month old!  It truly went by so quickly.  This month you have done so much growing...From 6 lb. 8 oz at birth to a tiny 6 lb. 1 oz at your first doctors appointment to 8 lb. 12oz. at 1 month!  You have developed a little double chin.  Exaggerated in the cutest way when you tuck your chin and look at us out of the corner of your eye.

This month you have grown more alert each week.  Those beautiful blue eyes studying everything in your sight.  You love faces as many babies do.

You are quite smiley for such a little one!  We love that about you.  Our phlebotomist says you smile in your sleep because you are playing with the angels.

You eat all the time every 2-3 hours but we don't mind because you are a healthy growing girl.
Daddy was excited to give you your first bottle.

You learned to escape your swaddle at both ends.

This month you met some important people including two of your great grandmothers.
Sweet little MeMaw may not be able to remember your name or mine, but she lights up when she gets to see you.  She loved "holding" you.

You have made a few excursions this month as well.  You went to the pumpkin patch, Opry Mills shopping with JaJa and your aunts, and to Christmas Village.  You were quite the spectacle apparently as passersby couldn't get enough of you and were constantly staring and asking about you.

But... I think your favorite thing to do was spend time with Daddy and Paisley outside reading your Jesus Calling book from Lofton and Adler and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Happy 1 Month!

I will attempt to catch up soon!  Hope you all are enjoying a great start to your year!

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