Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finley: 2 Months Old she is almost 3 months old but I'm still working my way up to the present.

Its amazing how much you have grown and changed this month.  You are such a big girl now.  You are able to hold your head up well.  Although you still look like a bobble head a lot of the time particularly when you are excited.  

We went back to the doctor again this month.  Boy have you grown.  You are now 22 inches long and 11 lbs. 6 oz.  Your double chin is still going strong and now you have added a few leg rolls which we love.  We took Daddy along this time for moral support because unfortunately, you needed more shots.

This month you learned to roll over.  Luckily Daddy was home and got to enjoy the excitement with us.

You have grown more alert each day.  You are starting to be a chatter box especially when your tummy is full.  And you continue to be the smiliest baby I know.

You still eat all the time but you learned to sleep through the night the week you turned 2 months old!  What a nice surprise for Mommy and Daddy!

This month...
Celebrated your first Thanksgiving.

You got your first Christmas tree.
 Spent some quality time with your Cubbybear!  He absolutely loves you.  He calls you "Ninley" because Finley is too hard.  He says "My Ninley.  My Ninley" when he wants to hold you.
 Had your first play date with the Clayton boys!
 Got to start wearing adorable Christmas clothes!

Month 2 was a great one!  You are so sweet and we love getting to see your unique personality coming alive.

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