Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finley: 1 Month Old

I can't believe you are already 1 month old!  It truly went by so quickly.  This month you have done so much growing...From 6 lb. 8 oz at birth to a tiny 6 lb. 1 oz at your first doctors appointment to 8 lb. 12oz. at 1 month!  You have developed a little double chin.  Exaggerated in the cutest way when you tuck your chin and look at us out of the corner of your eye.

This month you have grown more alert each week.  Those beautiful blue eyes studying everything in your sight.  You love faces as many babies do.

You are quite smiley for such a little one!  We love that about you.  Our phlebotomist says you smile in your sleep because you are playing with the angels.

You eat all the time every 2-3 hours but we don't mind because you are a healthy growing girl.
Daddy was excited to give you your first bottle.

You learned to escape your swaddle at both ends.

This month you met some important people including two of your great grandmothers.
Sweet little MeMaw may not be able to remember your name or mine, but she lights up when she gets to see you.  She loved "holding" you.

You have made a few excursions this month as well.  You went to the pumpkin patch, Opry Mills shopping with JaJa and your aunts, and to Christmas Village.  You were quite the spectacle apparently as passersby couldn't get enough of you and were constantly staring and asking about you.

But... I think your favorite thing to do was spend time with Daddy and Paisley outside reading your Jesus Calling book from Lofton and Adler and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Happy 1 Month!

I will attempt to catch up soon!  Hope you all are enjoying a great start to your year!

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