Monday, February 28, 2011

Typical Me

Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long that I'm just now slowing transitioning back to real life.  I'm finally back in Nashville...Mt. Juliet.  Not ready to call it home yet.  I'm on my 3rd of 4 final clinical rotations...Can you believe it?  Only 15 weeks and 4 days until I'm DONE with clinical!  Ok Ok I'm done. I know you are SO over me yapping about my nightmare grad school!  

So anyway, amongst all the chaos of moving home, starting a new rotation, getting strep (what am I in 4th grade?), and soaking up my last few days with my Cubbie, I have about a handful of projects half done and even one post half written because the project is on hold.  Shout it with me!  TYPICAL!  Just like my husband says every time I loose my keys or defend someone's enemy or make an inappropriate joke...oops.  So for now I've only got one complete project and its a baby one...literally.  I started talking about doing this in July in my To Do: post.  Wow.  I'm a slacker, but I finally learned to sew.  If you can call it that.  I have successfully completed one project.  No guarantee I can turn the machine on again and make it work.  My mom was supervising.  TYPICAL!  My mom is involved in teaching me all my household skills.  She's wonderwoman!  I made two burp cloths.  If you are like most everyone I've showed this project to and by everyone I mean Camille and Cara then you are like she doesn't have any chubby projectile spit-up cutiepie newborns around my house but I HAVE FRIENDS and Cubbie so back down.  I got the original idea from the Jones Design Co tutorial.  But I ended up just winging it.  I chose softer fabrics because I loooovveee soft when it comes to babies.  

 Mom taught me how to pin.  Its so hard for me to go slow and make this step precise.  I just want to rush on and get to the sewing!  I want the finished product!
Ignore the nastiness that is me.  I didn't shower prior to this project.  Like the title implies TYPICAL!

The blue fabric is a flannel that was super soft and felt absorbable to me.  And the best part is, it was on sale for $3 at Walmart.  Holla!  The white dot fabric on the left is some my mom bought on sale a long time ago.  And my fabulously crafty sister, Candace, and I thought it would be a good idea to make a burp cloth out of one of the thin white carter's burp cloths my sister already has.  We folded it in half and sewed the cute fabric on one side...Thus making it 1000x cuter and making a thicker burp cloth for Cubbie's messes!   I made these two burp clothes for like less than $1 each.  Can't beat it!  Such an easy project.  Next time we might applique a cute bird or monogram on the white side before sewing it all together.  Cute!  I know I'm so excited to make more.

Candace, Mom, and I also went through all these vintage and some not so vintage buttons my Papa and Mom had in random boxes everywhere.  I have quite the button collection now.  I sound weirder and nerdier by the second in this post.  I'll show you my cute containers in a post in the near not so near future when I finish my crafting area upstairs.

I'll leave you with a picture of what we spent more time doing this weekend...Kissing our Cubbie!

I will be back soon with more posts on our 2nd painted hutch, a hand made wreath, and who know's what else.  In my current home state the projects are endless.  See you soon.  I hope you gals are enjoying this start to spring.  I know April Showers bring May Flowers but what do March Tornadoes bring?  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Chubby Cubbie!

My baby nephew is the cutest cub! (I have two big boy nephews as well...equally adorable as you've seen from thisthis, and this post) I spent all weekend with my handsome husband, sweet sister, brillant brother-in-law and Chubby Cubbie!  (No worries.  I won't call him that when he's old enough to understand.)  So I have some pictures and a video to make your day as bright as my weekend was.
Candace and Eric made a special Valentine's dinner for all of us.  Steak.  Shrimp.  Fabulous Salad. Dessert.  YUM!  It was so so great!
Sorry for our attire. We spent the weekend in our PJ's.
First Mommy + Daddy + Baby Valentine's Day!  Cubbie was excited!  Or maybe he's on a milk buzz.  Its hard to tell at his age.

Cubbie spent a lot of zzzz's this weekend.  Typical.  All curled up against his Aunt NeetNey!
I love it!

Cubbie at his 8 week appointment!  Look at that head control!  His Dr. was so impressed with his strength.  Candace told her his aunt is a PT.  I doubt I had anything to do with his super human strength, but I'll take the shout out from my sis!
 I like naked Cubbie.  It shows off his muscles!  He is getting crazy with those arms now too.  He wiggles them all around sometimes when his jungle music bouncy seat starts playing.  
And when I start singing things reminiscent of the FRIENDS episode where Rachel and Ross sing Baby Got Back to their daughter.  Oops.

Warning:  Video is a compilation of several clips.  If you like cute babies, proceed.  If you dislike bad camera work and people who talk to babies, then stop while you still sorta like me. 

More Cubbie!

Hope Auntie Bara and Auntie MilMil enjoy the Cubbie footage!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration Sensation Part Deux

My B needed a nap this weekend so instead of running errands I did a little inspiration search.  Here are my fav finds:
I love love love this headboard at The Feminist Housewife.  I need to learn to use a jigsaw.  I wonder can google it?  Probably shouldn't google things that if done wrong can remove a limb.
I LOVE bright and white.  This room is perfect for me!  And my sister in law needs that bench right now...She loves polka dots.

Check this:  Chalkboard headboard with dustless chalk.
This is not Mrs. Smith's 1st grade classroom.  Its a classy modern interpretation of a darling headboard.  On to the adorableness that is the silhouette!  I saw where you can make these from a picture in photoshop...too bad you have to be a genius to use it.

This is so unique.  I both love it and think how impractical.  I'd have to step up on a door to get in bed.  Then I see the mantel headboard and I'm in love again.
I like these curtains from the Nester.  It seems unlike me.  I'm not really a caramel colored girl.  But right now all my walls are tan so perhaps that is what drew me to this picture.  I also like the idea of these bold stripes in grey/white.

I kinda love this ABC wall.  Maybe in a shared kids room or an office/homework room or a playroom.

So now I have all this inspiration and I'm totally at a loss on where to start.  I'm too overwhelmed to really get anywhere.  Have you ever been there?  I feel like I have been living there for a while.  Here's to hoping I can get out of this decorating funk!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Perfect Remedy

So like I've mentioned I'm out of town for 8 weeks...well 4 more weeks now.  (HALF WAY!)  Its torturous to be uprooted for 2 months from my life but I like my "job" and I have a very sweet "Jackson family".  So after a particularly bad Monday and subsequent homesick week, some of my sweet friends decided to get together and cheer me up!  It was such a perfect remedy for my long week!  I have the best friends.  But you haven't heard the best part yet...

They decided to do a CRAFT!  Yes, you heard me right.  The boys were banished to the basement and we listened to music, laughed, and made the cutest fabric flowers you've ever seen.  I'm so lucky to have Caity from as a friend!  

My friends indulge me.  I made them take a picture with their fabric choices.

I'm sure Caity will post a tutorial on this one day so I won't steal her thunder, but its super easy!  We actually didn't pester her incessantly for help...just one step below that.

The finished products.  

Showing off our flowers.

Caity helped us perfect the hair flower.  I definitely wore mine all day Saturday to unpack.  And a little birdie told me one flower went on a run and another flower made cleaning the house all day such a fashionable chore.  See...they are so versatile!
Such giddy crafters.  Who take their own photos by self-timer.
Yay for weekends!  Mine was great!  Hope yours was too!  Only 3 more days until yet another!
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