Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Kentucky Christmas!

I know for most of you your like...Who cares about some girls Christmas...Its not like she's got a cute new baby or something, but I love my Christmas and I actually now have 3 adorable nephews.  So ha!  Here is my Kentucky Christmas!
 The giant bazooka gun that Caden got for Christmas! Yes it does have an 18-bullet clip and face shield. He is very proud of it.  And so is his dad because it was quite the contraption to put together.  So is the life of a father on Christmas.
He came with its own ammo vest with extra bullet clips.  Don't let the adorable sweet smile fool you...You don't want to mess with this sharp shooter.

Ahh!  Here comes the bullets!
This went on back and forth for about an hour!
 Copelan was also very excited about Christmas!

BuzzandWoody, Uncle B and CopeCope!
(Copelan calls Buzz Lightyear... BuzzandWoody ...and if your wondering Woody also goes by the same name.  Isn't he cute!)
Enjoying the fire with his new best friend.

 Copelan wanted to stack his gifts.  Shrug...I don't know.  I just did what he wanted.
 One of Uncle B's proudest moments!  Caden wearing a John Wall jersey doing the John Wall dance.

Brothers...fighting it out in the ring.

We had a wonderful Kentucky Christmas!  Hope you did too!  I'll be back later this week or maybe even tomorrow with pictures from my tender Tennessee Christmas with my ColemanBear!

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