Friday, December 31, 2010

My Tender Tennessee Christmas

I won't make you listen to the whole Amy Grant, Tender Tennessee Christmas but I love it so I officially deem the 2nd half of my holiday this year my tender Tennessee Christmas just because I love the song!  I am writing this while my sweet husband is singing to our friend's baby while soothing him to sleep.  I look forward to hearing that one day to our own kids.  Anyway, back to Christmas!  We headed to Ripley, Tennessee, home of the Tomato Festival Christmas Eve night.  We had to move our family celebration from my parent's house to my sister's as she just had her first baby.  I bet you didn't know that...Just kidding I've written about 10 post with sweet Coleman bear on them already. 
 The sweet little family!
 Sweet Mommy and Bear cub!  Candace looks beautiful doesn't she?  Can you believe she had a baby?  I know, no way!
Awe. Sweet.  He's still a little jaundice here but adorable!

 Christmas morning isn't my best look but I'd been up since 5 waiting on baby Coleman to let me hold him so his momma could go back to sleep.

 Coleman in his Christmas outfit...naturally as a newborn you can't see of the design because he's basically in a ball but trust me it was cute!
 Sweet baby's first Christmas picture.
 Coleman likes to support his Uncle B's Kentucky Wildcats...
And his Daddy's Memphis Tigers.
Doesn't he look like a Hoo person from Hooville in this picture!
Sweet family Sunday afternoon.

Finally, Aunt Milly's photographic expertise...
Look at those cheeks and sweet lips!
I got a Flip from B for Christmas so I had to show at least one video.  Its no oscar quality videography but Coleman-bear got some face time!
So as you can tell most of our holiday was spent drooling over the baby.  I'm excited to be close by him these next few weeks.  

Happy New Years Eve!

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