Saturday, December 11, 2010

Might want to cover your ears...I'm Shouting Out GOOD News!

I have an announcement...

(I'm shouting this!)
You wish my eggo was prego...Its NOT!

I have been in school for 20 years!  Man I'm old!  I don't even know what to think.  I have been a student for 7771 days...Whoa!... and have 244 to go!  That seems like nothing when you think of it that way!  Now I still have 6 months of clinical rotations to go which will be a difficult and I'm sure stressful, but I like to think that it can't be the gut-wrenching, mind-consuming, medically-unsafe anxiety and stress I have now officially lived through...It can't be.  Many of you won't understand this, but for those that do, I feel like I have been pledging for 3 years and I am now heading to my dorm for a shower before induction night.  You say, "She's so dramatic!"  I know but it felt that bad for me sometimes.  Anyway I had to blog about it...I mean I'm sure you're wondering where I have been for the last two weeks...I have been sitting in the same spot on my floor studying til I'm delirious waiting for today when I can blog again.  I'm proud of my classmates.  We made it and with everyone alive and intact.

Now I have another thing to brag about...

(I think that deserves shouting too!)
He looks great for running 13.2 miles!  I'd be on the ground gasping for breath!
He killed it.  It was so proud!  He finished in 1:46:14 which put him the 335th runner out of 6850...Six thousand eight hundred and fifty!!  Which puts him in the top 5% of runners!  Wow!  I married superman!

My dad...The freak of nature.  Yes It is well established that he can do crazy things.  He finished in 202 overall!  Are your eyes bugging out?  Mine are just saying it.
Always repping the BEST!
My brother-in-law, Eric, also ran and was as elite as the rest!

Baby Coleman cheered Dad on like a champ!
Our Superheroes!

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  1. YAY for both things, but specifically for you being FINISHED!!! I thought about you all day on the 10th and am so proud of you! Proud of B, too, for his half marathon :)


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