Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

Maybe I should update my blog design...Thanksgiving is so last week.

So maybe I decorated a week before Thanksgiving...but wait I have finals and terrible school projects right after Thanksgiving...I HAD to decorate early...   It sounds like a loose excuse to me to but I did it and I'm admitting it.  Let's move on.  I want to show off my Christmas...since no one comes to my house around Christmas to see it and because I'll probably be taking it down soon because we're moving...I know it sounds so unfestive and sad to me too.  I will enjoy this more than you but maybe if you are like me, you can find a enjoyment out of any house decor and triple so on Christmas decor!  Here you go.
(Sorry the pictures aren't so good.)

The centerpiece of any Christmas room...
The Tree.  We have a skinny guy because a chubby tree, although it would delight me, would not really fit in my cottage style residence.

Some of our favorite ornaments...
I can't...I take that back...I won't say no to a snowman!  B's grill.  It lights up.  So cute and it looks like our real grill.  Thanks Denise!
 I just love these guys!
My "mantle"
Me and B...Snowman style!
B has always wanted a Christmas picture.  So when we were out west, we found one and he has not stopped thinking about since August when we bought it.  We found the picture frame covered in bugs and dust in my Papa's junk barn and refurbished it in a pretty Christmas red!

Well that's all my Christmas...mostly.  I'm not as filled the Christmas spirit as usual...maybe its all the chaos...let's talk about it again on December 10th at approximately 10:30am...when I WILL BE DONE WITH FINALS FOREVER!!!!!

In other news...Check out this fabulousness!
 Martha Stewart? You wonder...No.
Did you guess it?  Yes, this is Caity Shinnick at her usual fabulousness!  From the gorgeous trees to the reindeer place cards...this girl's got it going on!
Lofty-bear love it too!

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  1. Courtney - I LOVEEEE love love that tree!!! Skinny and everything :) Super cute.


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