Friday, December 17, 2010

Like I Could Just Have 1 Post About Coleman...

Waiting on Coleman's arrival we passed the time like this...
Yawning, reading and texting.
Eating naturally!
And yes...Sleeping.  Like anyone else could do that with all the excitement!
He is so adorable!  Still awaiting the results of his official weight.  8lb 13oz might have been a machine error.  He might be more like 8lb 4oz.  Well see what he weights tonight.  He has been a great baby!  He is so sweet!
He loves laying in his boppy which is hard when everyone wants to hold you!
Look at those sweet lips.
Sweet baby cheeks!
Today was this sweet man's birthday and he loved Coleman!  He just kept talking to him and loving on him!
I'm sure you can't get enough of his yumminess too!

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