Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Vaca in the Land of Huckleberries & Moose... Continued

Yes Huckleberries are real folks!  Not just a guy named Finn from that Tom Sawyer movie with Jonathan Taylor Thomas in it... I can hear your 5th grade selves sighing at the mention of that cutie patootie!  
Huckleberries are the state fruit of Idaho and they are in everything!  Huckleberry syrup, pancakes, bbq sauce, lemonade, pie, cobbler, jam, jelly, marmalade, popcorn, coffee, tea, chocolate, salad dressing, ice cream, milk shakes....on and on...You name it.  They eat it with huckleberries.  
They taste like a mix between a blueberry and a raspberry.  Yum!
Brandon has been hearing about State Farm trips for years and of course we never exaggerate any of the family is not known for that.  So he was excited to finally see how we roll.  
Here we are at the Couer d'Alene golf course for the State Farm Dinner.   
The sunset was amazing!
Then my family got the dance party started to the tunes of the house band.  Yes at times it was just us 8 dancing but at other times I felt like we really inspired the inner dancer in our fellow party-goers.
The dance move Mom had been trying to keep her from doing all night.
B and I being our usual embarrassing selves.

Candace is rockin' that baby bump beautifully!
Heading to dinner.  Photo ops rarely get missed in this family.
We couldn't miss this photo op either...
My mom bought our future child a book about this moose, Mudgy.  The author is  the lady who wrote the Wee Sing books in the 90's.  Go ahead laugh but we need this picture to show baby Steele one day that we actually visited the home of Mudge the Moose.
The first rental car.
The man gave them a new one when they couldn't stop laughing at this one.
It even had a little cactus on each side for decoration.  It would have been a crack up to drive Big Bird Goes West for the week but alas it didn't happen.
Candid random shots...

Two of our fellow bikers were a little too serious...check out Tilting Tom's outfit!
Typical Cara.  Catching some rays.
This happened a lot on our trip.  Coleman already gets a lot of attention.
Sharing a dessert.  How sweet.

We had a great time!  Idaho is so much more than potatoes!  Actually potatoes are only grown in south Idaho...needless to say I was sad that my favorite starch wasn't the star of every meal like I thought it would be.
Hope you guys enjoy your week!  I start school...sad.  I'm already mourning the loss of my life as I know it.  Less than 1 year....Less than 1 year....Less than 1 year!
So for now.... PEACE!

Monday, August 16, 2010

15 Miles on a bike...What?!

Hello there!  I'm way out west in North Idaho.  100 miles from the Canadian border in Cour d'Alene.  Magestic is one word for this gorgeous place.  On Sunday of our trip we went on a rails to trails bike tour along the 15 mile Hiawatha trail...15 M-I-L-E-S that's right we're crazy!  It was a former railroad complete with 300 foot trellises and 2 mile long tunnels through the Rocky Mountains from Montana to Idaho!  Madness I know!  But a lot of fun (at the time...right now I lay in bed with my backside hurting A LOT from that terrible bike seat).  Here are some of the 15 million photos we took.

Ready to ride!
Cara learned some tricks!
Headed through one of the short tunnels!
We rode over that trellis and many others like it.  Scary when you see it from far away!

If you notice I am attempting to keep my distance from the railing as I feared falling to my death during this photo-op.
She's still got it folks!  Former cheerleader with her moves still intact.
Baby Coleman in Idaho!
Standing on top of the 2 mile tunnel we just rode through  in the pitch black with only tiny little lights on our bikes!  It was 40 degrees inside the tunnel.  FREEZING! But it was so so fun!
Camille posing in front of the beautiful scenery at one of our educational stops...naturally we were more focused on photos than listening.

We all made it!  It was beautiful as we rode down the mountain.  The trees stand at around 300 feet tall!  And they've only been growing for 100 years since the fire of 1910.  Prior to that fire trees had been growing for hundreds and hundreds of years!  Can you imagine how tall they were?  

Hope you guys are enjoying your week!  We are.  Its feels like fall here which is a fabulous treat after 100 degree days!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Its a....

Its a

Glitter Word GeneratorGlitter Word GeneratorGlitter Word Generator

Coleman Cross Smith
is due December 28th!

He is so cute!

Here is the video of us finding out in the Denver airport by what Candace and Eric were wearing.  

We are obviously so excited!  Can't wait to start putting his monogram on everything!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Splashing Caden Balls & Bouncing Baby Bumps!

So it looks like I've turned into a once a week blogger at best...My dreams of becoming a professional blogger are officially spinning down the drain.  Oh well...let's play catch up about my life.  I know you all are dying to know what we have been up to.
Let's start with a little bragfest then move on to my favorite topic:  Babies!

About my adorable nephews!  We spent the weekend in Murray, Kentucky and had lots of fun in the sun pool time in with the boys!  So of course I made a video of our weekend...maybe I'm obsessed...maybe you guys hate it...but isn't that what blog are for, to do whatever you want.  Yep it is... So deal.  Here's another video of my cute nephews!

Also yet another one of my friends got her eggo prego! 
Jess was not to happy about taking this picture, but cliche poses are a must!

Congrats Jess & Craig!  Can't wait for baby Robinson's arrival in March!
You will be awesome parents!

We find out what my sister, Candace, and her husband, Eric, are having tomorrow in Denver, CO!  
Will it be

Carolina/Savannah or Coleman?
There is a slash because the name is undecided.

What's your guess?

I'm torn.  Everyone I know has boys so I've become attached to little boys! a non-pedophile way...that came out wrong.  So if Coleman is cooking in her belly, then I must introduce him to my best friends, Lofton and Danger.  If its Carolina in there, then bar the gates its our first girl! (Can you hear me yelling?)  And Lord have mercy on the world if the sonographer found a secret twin!!!!!!!!!!  We will all faint, bust mad inappropriate dance moves and invade the personal space of random 50-somethings!  We love twins!

Now blogger friends, don't you fret!
I will of course update you on the big announcement (as if you won't see on facebook first...always a spoiler for my big blog announcements...dang you facebook)!  We will be videoing naturally so you guys won't miss the big moment!
And Yes I did say we would be in Denver, Colorado on our way to Idaho for family vaca...Yep you heard me correctly yet vaca in the land of potatoes...I'll let you know how it goes. We will actually be in the airport in terminal B waiting for the happy parents to get off the plane and make their big announcement.  I anticipate embarrassing shrills from Camille and a generic yet genuine smile from my Dad.  I warned my mother to wear cute clothes to fly so she wouldn't be memorialized finding out what her first grandchild is while sporting a blah jogging suit.  Guess I should go pick out my outfit too!

I'm going to be an aunt again!  Whoop Whoop!

See you soon!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Cobb Brothers present....Chicken Bones & Dino Poop

B and I love our family!  But I don't think we are biased at all about how cute they are...Trust me I hear it from everyone!  Oh Caden's so funny!  Copelan has the cutest cheeks!  And I'm like I know right...Our little chipmunks are the cutest, most talented, smartest kids in the milky way!  
So without further ado, I introduce to you the Cobb brothers performing their debut hit, 
Chicken Bones!

(I think I got the video fixed.)
Caden wrote the song and taught it to all of his friends who all sing it now.  If you hear it enough times it will get stuck in your head, I promise.  Its quite catchy.  I even went to bed singing it.

Caden is one of the most creative kids I know.  He has a vivid imagination and I know it will take him far in life!  Can't wait to see what God has planned for his life!  This video was filmed Sunday morning when the boys and I were playing outside under my back deck...only boys want to play under the back deck with the bugs and mud.  Cope Cope and Aunt Neet Ney sat on the coolers for Caden's presentation of 

"Caden the Paleontologist"

Copelan is saying "Cheese" because I turned the camera his direction and then he cutely says in his 2-year-old voice "Dinosaur poop."

Hope you enjoy our little entertainers!  I'll try to catch them in the act of their hilarity again soon!  
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