Friday, August 13, 2010

Splashing Caden Balls & Bouncing Baby Bumps!

So it looks like I've turned into a once a week blogger at best...My dreams of becoming a professional blogger are officially spinning down the drain.  Oh well...let's play catch up about my life.  I know you all are dying to know what we have been up to.
Let's start with a little bragfest then move on to my favorite topic:  Babies!

About my adorable nephews!  We spent the weekend in Murray, Kentucky and had lots of fun in the sun pool time in with the boys!  So of course I made a video of our weekend...maybe I'm obsessed...maybe you guys hate it...but isn't that what blog are for, to do whatever you want.  Yep it is... So deal.  Here's another video of my cute nephews!

Also yet another one of my friends got her eggo prego! 
Jess was not to happy about taking this picture, but cliche poses are a must!

Congrats Jess & Craig!  Can't wait for baby Robinson's arrival in March!
You will be awesome parents!

We find out what my sister, Candace, and her husband, Eric, are having tomorrow in Denver, CO!  
Will it be

Carolina/Savannah or Coleman?
There is a slash because the name is undecided.

What's your guess?

I'm torn.  Everyone I know has boys so I've become attached to little boys! a non-pedophile way...that came out wrong.  So if Coleman is cooking in her belly, then I must introduce him to my best friends, Lofton and Danger.  If its Carolina in there, then bar the gates its our first girl! (Can you hear me yelling?)  And Lord have mercy on the world if the sonographer found a secret twin!!!!!!!!!!  We will all faint, bust mad inappropriate dance moves and invade the personal space of random 50-somethings!  We love twins!

Now blogger friends, don't you fret!
I will of course update you on the big announcement (as if you won't see on facebook first...always a spoiler for my big blog announcements...dang you facebook)!  We will be videoing naturally so you guys won't miss the big moment!
And Yes I did say we would be in Denver, Colorado on our way to Idaho for family vaca...Yep you heard me correctly yet vaca in the land of potatoes...I'll let you know how it goes. We will actually be in the airport in terminal B waiting for the happy parents to get off the plane and make their big announcement.  I anticipate embarrassing shrills from Camille and a generic yet genuine smile from my Dad.  I warned my mother to wear cute clothes to fly so she wouldn't be memorialized finding out what her first grandchild is while sporting a blah jogging suit.  Guess I should go pick out my outfit too!

I'm going to be an aunt again!  Whoop Whoop!

See you soon!

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