Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Vaca in the Land of Huckleberries & Moose... Continued

Yes Huckleberries are real folks!  Not just a guy named Finn from that Tom Sawyer movie with Jonathan Taylor Thomas in it... I can hear your 5th grade selves sighing at the mention of that cutie patootie!  
Huckleberries are the state fruit of Idaho and they are in everything!  Huckleberry syrup, pancakes, bbq sauce, lemonade, pie, cobbler, jam, jelly, marmalade, popcorn, coffee, tea, chocolate, salad dressing, ice cream, milk shakes....on and on...You name it.  They eat it with huckleberries.  
They taste like a mix between a blueberry and a raspberry.  Yum!
Brandon has been hearing about State Farm trips for years and of course we never exaggerate any of the family is not known for that.  So he was excited to finally see how we roll.  
Here we are at the Couer d'Alene golf course for the State Farm Dinner.   
The sunset was amazing!
Then my family got the dance party started to the tunes of the house band.  Yes at times it was just us 8 dancing but at other times I felt like we really inspired the inner dancer in our fellow party-goers.
The dance move Mom had been trying to keep her from doing all night.
B and I being our usual embarrassing selves.

Candace is rockin' that baby bump beautifully!
Heading to dinner.  Photo ops rarely get missed in this family.
We couldn't miss this photo op either...
My mom bought our future child a book about this moose, Mudgy.  The author is  the lady who wrote the Wee Sing books in the 90's.  Go ahead laugh but we need this picture to show baby Steele one day that we actually visited the home of Mudge the Moose.
The first rental car.
The man gave them a new one when they couldn't stop laughing at this one.
It even had a little cactus on each side for decoration.  It would have been a crack up to drive Big Bird Goes West for the week but alas it didn't happen.
Candid random shots...

Two of our fellow bikers were a little too serious...check out Tilting Tom's outfit!
Typical Cara.  Catching some rays.
This happened a lot on our trip.  Coleman already gets a lot of attention.
Sharing a dessert.  How sweet.

We had a great time!  Idaho is so much more than potatoes!  Actually potatoes are only grown in south Idaho...needless to say I was sad that my favorite starch wasn't the star of every meal like I thought it would be.
Hope you guys enjoy your week!  I start school...sad.  I'm already mourning the loss of my life as I know it.  Less than 1 year....Less than 1 year....Less than 1 year!
So for now.... PEACE!


  1. Solid blog my dear...solid blog!
    I especially liked the Peace at the end!
    A few of your compadres were urging me to start my own blog... After much thought, meditation and prayer Ive decided to reframe and let you keep your title of "somewhat entertaining blog"....I feel as if I at least need a spouse or dog or job (in no certain order) before i enter the blog world. So for now my darling you reign supreme...but one day..oooh one day...your reign will end.
    Yeah...that just happened!

    LOVE YOU SISTERFRIEND! YA for both of us only having one more year of school left!

  2. Pretty sure your blog makes my day! So excited the family is getting a little more boy flavor! Hope all is well! Elisha

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