Monday, August 16, 2010

15 Miles on a bike...What?!

Hello there!  I'm way out west in North Idaho.  100 miles from the Canadian border in Cour d'Alene.  Magestic is one word for this gorgeous place.  On Sunday of our trip we went on a rails to trails bike tour along the 15 mile Hiawatha trail...15 M-I-L-E-S that's right we're crazy!  It was a former railroad complete with 300 foot trellises and 2 mile long tunnels through the Rocky Mountains from Montana to Idaho!  Madness I know!  But a lot of fun (at the time...right now I lay in bed with my backside hurting A LOT from that terrible bike seat).  Here are some of the 15 million photos we took.

Ready to ride!
Cara learned some tricks!
Headed through one of the short tunnels!
We rode over that trellis and many others like it.  Scary when you see it from far away!

If you notice I am attempting to keep my distance from the railing as I feared falling to my death during this photo-op.
She's still got it folks!  Former cheerleader with her moves still intact.
Baby Coleman in Idaho!
Standing on top of the 2 mile tunnel we just rode through  in the pitch black with only tiny little lights on our bikes!  It was 40 degrees inside the tunnel.  FREEZING! But it was so so fun!
Camille posing in front of the beautiful scenery at one of our educational stops...naturally we were more focused on photos than listening.

We all made it!  It was beautiful as we rode down the mountain.  The trees stand at around 300 feet tall!  And they've only been growing for 100 years since the fire of 1910.  Prior to that fire trees had been growing for hundreds and hundreds of years!  Can you imagine how tall they were?  

Hope you guys are enjoying your week!  We are.  Its feels like fall here which is a fabulous treat after 100 degree days!


  1. I don't think you have any idea how much joy your blog brings to my life-I LOVE reading it because it's like having a conversation with you! I am SOOO excited about your NEPHEW!! We will win your family over to boys in the end! MUhahahaha! Hope your trip has been so much fun-can't wait to see you when you get back!

  2. Courtney, I LOVE reading your blogs! You are a talented writer and I love being able to keep up with you guys! We love you both so much and are so proud of all you are doing -- this is a nice way to be able to "stay in touch". I especially love all your canning/gardening adventures -- you go girl! You inspire me to want to have a garden and can something! Keep blogging!


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