Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Perfect Remedy

So like I've mentioned I'm out of town for 8 weeks...well 4 more weeks now.  (HALF WAY!)  Its torturous to be uprooted for 2 months from my life but I like my "job" and I have a very sweet "Jackson family".  So after a particularly bad Monday and subsequent homesick week, some of my sweet friends decided to get together and cheer me up!  It was such a perfect remedy for my long week!  I have the best friends.  But you haven't heard the best part yet...

They decided to do a CRAFT!  Yes, you heard me right.  The boys were banished to the basement and we listened to music, laughed, and made the cutest fabric flowers you've ever seen.  I'm so lucky to have Caity from CraftDayistheBestDay.com as a friend!  

My friends indulge me.  I made them take a picture with their fabric choices.

I'm sure Caity will post a tutorial on this one day so I won't steal her thunder, but its super easy!  We actually didn't pester her incessantly for help...just one step below that.

The finished products.  

Showing off our flowers.

Caity helped us perfect the hair flower.  I definitely wore mine all day Saturday to unpack.  And a little birdie told me one flower went on a run and another flower made cleaning the house all day such a fashionable chore.  See...they are so versatile!
Such giddy crafters.  Who take their own photos by self-timer.
Yay for weekends!  Mine was great!  Hope yours was too!  Only 3 more days until yet another!


  1. Oh so fun...you have the best friends! I want to come and hang out with your friends and do a craft party!

    Also, you forgot to add that your Monday ended well because you had dinner with your adorable Nephew at Cracker Barrel.

    Thanks for updating your blog I am going to hopefully start this week on mine!

  2. Thanks for posting your pictures! I wish we could do a craft night EVERY Friday night. Maybe we can do it more often once you are back in Nashville. In just 4 hopefully quick weeks :)


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