Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration Sensation Part Deux

My B needed a nap this weekend so instead of running errands I did a little inspiration search.  Here are my fav finds:
I love love love this headboard at The Feminist Housewife.  I need to learn to use a jigsaw.  I wonder can google it?  Probably shouldn't google things that if done wrong can remove a limb.
I LOVE bright and white.  This room is perfect for me!  And my sister in law needs that bench right now...She loves polka dots.

Check this:  Chalkboard headboard with dustless chalk.
This is not Mrs. Smith's 1st grade classroom.  Its a classy modern interpretation of a darling headboard.  On to the adorableness that is the silhouette!  I saw where you can make these from a picture in photoshop...too bad you have to be a genius to use it.

This is so unique.  I both love it and think how impractical.  I'd have to step up on a door to get in bed.  Then I see the mantel headboard and I'm in love again.
I like these curtains from the Nester.  It seems unlike me.  I'm not really a caramel colored girl.  But right now all my walls are tan so perhaps that is what drew me to this picture.  I also like the idea of these bold stripes in grey/white.

I kinda love this ABC wall.  Maybe in a shared kids room or an office/homework room or a playroom.

So now I have all this inspiration and I'm totally at a loss on where to start.  I'm too overwhelmed to really get anywhere.  Have you ever been there?  I feel like I have been living there for a while.  Here's to hoping I can get out of this decorating funk!

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