Thursday, July 15, 2010

To do list:

There are so many things I want to do!  So many things on my to do list in my phone (right beside my baby name list...I'm not ashamed).  Dreams. Aspirations. Chores.  Soooooooo... Why on EARTH am I just sittin' on the coach right now in sweats and a stained shirt with my hair an old-fashioned mess, watching Oprah and playing on the internet?  I don't know.  I mean I have excuses oozing out of every pore on this body.  Only the creepy old men I work with think that's sexy.... so I am going to make a list of things I want to do.  Maybe that will get my every increasing rear into gear!

1.  Learn to sew!
I want fabulous light, colorful awe-inducing curtains made by me.  My gorgeous friend, Heather, made some simply beautiful curtains for her lounge room & lets be honest I want to be just like her...Friend crush revealed!
And:  I want to make adorable bubbles for my babies...okay I don't know that I will learn to sew that well but if I do, think of the money I could save.  Ohhh...and how I could make our whole family match!!!!!
1. b.  Who wants to learn to applique?  ME! ME! ME!  How cute are the onsies with little ties on them?  I'll tell you...A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

2.  Organize my entire house!
It makes me Stop. Close my eyes. And take in a big delicious breath. just thinking about every closet being organized with labeled boxes with skinny little hangers hung by color  and shelves everywhere....Oh my!  I love when things are organized.  One day when I win a big gift card/giveaway (total dreamland if you know me...the last thing I won was a free six-pack of Snapple at Kroger...whooohooo...Not.  Who drinks that)....Anyway, when I win my big giveaway, I going to spend hours at the Container Store and buy tons of rainbow colored pens to label things with!  Yay!  So since my closet space is so limited as are my resources for such frivolous things, I will dream of having my home one day be organized in such a peaceful way... I'm not kidding.  I keep closing my eyes and breathing in the thought of it, every time I type a sentence.
Love Love Love Love!
I have always loved drawers & bins! 
And for a little extra zing....see the chandelier in the left corner!
If I had a craft room, I would love these bins.

3.  Paint something for our house!
So everyone I know is going to those paint along places and creating beautiful things for their homes...of course I'm exaggerating, its not EVERYONE, but it still makes me want to do it.  However, 1. Sometimes those paintings aren't my taste.  2. I don't really know what my taste is.  3. I question my talent level; even though I did go to art camp when I was 7.  So I almost just bought stuff the other day to do it but it would take LOTS and LOTS of canvases before I got one that was good.  So for now, I will dream.
Easy enough right?  My fabulously artistic friend, Rachel, would probably think so, but I bet I could mes s it up.

4.  Get my butt in shape!
Let me tell you, I have millions of excuses for this one.  I have am what you call "skinny-fat".  Google it.  Its real.  I need to get back in shape.  I am working on it but its not as fun to fantasize about as the others on the list.  Even though I would love to be that smiling gorgeous in-shape sexy momma that pushes her beautiful baby through the park chatting with her cute friends...but Cherry and Syd already have that role locked up.
****No photos here...Its embarrassing enough to be out of shape without showing you people you are.*****

So while I was looking up photos for my post...I FOUND THIS GEM!
I L-O-V-E love the brick wall and chandelier!  
I'm madly in love with chandeliers!  Maybe not the bed but the rest of it!  Brandon loves it too! 


  1. Courtney, you are one of the funniest people in the entire world!! One day, you will have a house with those beautiful curtains (after we learn to sew) and a cute painted picture (after we go to that place for Heather's birthday) organized closets (after you find a house that has multiple closets to organize) a precious baby boy with a tie applique onesie (after you put in a couple of years doing PT) and you will be one of the sexiest, coolest moms pushing said baby boy in his stroller. I'll remind you about this post one day when we're pushing our baby boys in the park. Love you!!

  2. Courtney, I think we're twins. Bet you thought you'd never see the day that I said that! haha. But seriously, I've never met a single soul with as deep of an obsession with chandeliers as I have! You're my newest favorite person ever. I gasped when I saw the picture of that bedroom! SO beautiful and serene and perfect. And I LOVE organizational anything! School supply shopping used to be my favorite time of the year - right up there with Christmas time. And nowadays I'm searching high and low for ways to make my spaces look just like the ones you posted! Except everywhere I look, it's like a $1500 starting price to get built-in home organizational spaces like that. Grr.

  3. Morgan we really are best friends deep inside! I'm so jealous of your day planner. I may break-down and pay the big bucks for one this year. We need to get together sometime because it seems we have lots to talk about. I love it!

  4. Court,
    Your blog skills are improving! This one was cute and funny!
    1. I love to be clean and organized! Maybe that's bc we were the ones that stayed inside with mom while candy and mil were farm girls...
    2. Please learn to sew so you can make me things...ok great!
    3. I will go paint with you! Sips and strokes! Ppl rave about it! Sister outing asap!
    4.Hello....I'm not even skinny-fat...I'm just the ending of that phrase. Get a Y membership and come work out with me! Either that or show me how to you need a reminder that you ran crosscountry once upon a time! You can do it! And I agree cherry and syd have the adorable mommy role taken for now...but you will always be a blonde bombshell!


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