Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweaty weekend full of animals & munchkins!

On the hottest day of the summer, Brandon's family came in town and we hit the ground running full speed!  First activity on the weekend agenda...
The Nashville Zoo's Ice Day
We were able to get an awesome deal on all of our tickets and lunch thanks to the Lipscomb Alumni Association!  It was such a fun time...extremely HOT but the animals were getting frozen salad and meelworm ice pops to stay cool and we got free ice cream...vanilla flavored...meelworm is just for animals silly!  
Yes, Copelan is wearing a Monkey leash.  I know I know...He's not a dog...But if you knew this kid you would know how needed the leash is.  He is fast.  He can fit in tight spaces.  He is not afraid of anything (except the giant blowup predators character that tried to hug him).  The leash is important...Trust me.

The boys spent the night with B and Neet Ney!  They were so cute!

Copelan helped me make homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast.  "I help" "I help" was all we heard all weekend.  He is so cute!

The boys love to play in our dryer.  Don't worry they have been educated not to shut one another in and they don't know how to turn it its safe.  It all started the last time they were in town about a year ago and played in the dryer.  When they arrived on Saturday morning, they were in the dryer within the first 20 minutes of their arrival without any verbal cuing from adults...just found it themselves and hopped right in.  (I know when was the last time you heard "verbal cuing"...I use that word way too much with my patients...Sorry.)  
Another fascination at B and Neet Ney's = the microwave (Not a lot of toys here...only dangerous adult things...oops.)

Caden is a hilarious creative kid!  My favorite Caden quote of the weekend was "Daddy's Home!" which he said when he first walked into a room multiple times.  He has great comedic timing!

We loved having B's family in town!  Can't wait til they come back again!


  1. Oh my gosh! Such cute photos - you guys are the best aunt & uncle!!

  2. Oh my, please do not let my kid play in the dryer....unless it is unplugged! They are the cutest kids. You two are the best aunt and uncle in the whole world!

  3. If your kids have a leash..i will disown you! I laughed out loud at that monkey on his back!

    and candace i will be teaching your kids far worse things...the dryer will be the least of these! Get ready baby mama!


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