Sunday, October 2, 2011

Total Brag Post!

I can't help it.

If you were me, you wouldn't be able to help it either.

I absolutely must brag about how cute my nephews are! I just can't pass up a moment to share their cutest with the blog world. They are getting so big and soon enough I'm sure they will ban me from posting about them or at least not allow it unless I recruit some tween readers. But for now... I must show them off!
I want to scream they are so cute!

Caden is now 6 and in first grade! Can you believe it? He can read! I know that is normal for a 6 year-old but I am still in awe. I think of him like this...
And now he is practically a teenager. Exaggeration totally, but look at him. Isn't he so cute!?!
I can already tell the he is going to be one of the ladies' favorites!

Copelan is 3 and he is in pre-school. Total charmer.

The pictures are so good! They are my Paducah photographer, Darling by Design, obviously from the design on the photos. My sister-in-law, Whitni, has used this photographer before and the pictures are always darling! Any photographer who can wrangle two boys into not only looking at the camera but smiling at the same time...and not only smiling, but striking the most adorable poses...Wins my vote! You can find them on facebook here and their fabulous website here.

Hope all this cuteness warms your day! I know it has mine.

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