Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Style

I don't know if its just that time of year again or if you have even noticed, but I think someone spiked the water. There are babies coming out of the woodwork everywhere! So in honor of all the new babies still cookin' and the ones who've been hatched, I'm sharing some etsy baby inspiration.

Baby onsies are so cute and creative these days...

Adorable Wall Prints from Gus and Lula and Caity Shinnick.

Baby hats! What is not to love about these sweet faces?
I know the pink hat on the right is a bit much, but how can you not love it on that baby!

Stuffed animals! Every kid needs one or two or maybe ten!

Baby boots! Need I say more?

Diaper Bags do not have to be drab... Look at this bag from Nest!
Love! Its just like one of the bag from one of the kids I used to babysit. Of course you know I love the inside liner! Now, I realize I am far from a rocker chick, but the liner unzips and removes and the bag can be used as a purse later or a carry on bag when you travel long after babies are grown. Come on...I know some of you like it.

Baby stuff is so cute! So excited to get started shopping for all the new babies in our lives.

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