Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our 2nd Anniversary Celebration continued...

After our loving morning together, we went choice for the day.  We visited several antique shops on 8th Ave that I have been just dying to visit for over a year.  Brandon isn't much of an antique shopper but he was so sweet and I think he actually enjoyed the browsing.  Then we visited REI for Brandon.  The afternoon was completed with a cherry on top called a nap!  That night we went to Jimmy Kelly's for dinner!  Y-U-M!  Thanks Whitni & Chris for the gift card!  It was fabulous and my Bootlegger's Ribeye was superb!  We also loved the homemade Tennessee Blackberry cobbler...melt in your mouth goodness!  On a serious note...I must say it distressed me to notice that all the waiters were elderly minorities...It was a bit 1950's.  But I think they like their jobs and have worked there for many, many years.  Nonetheless, it was disturbing.  After dinner we ate all that deliciousness, we watched a movie...Sherlock Holmes to be exact.  Great movie.  Cara took some pictures of us when we stopped by to drop some things off...She loved it, Brandon wasn't as enthusiastic about our photo session but once again a trooper.

Cara: Stop reading here...

In conclusion, our anniversary was a very special day.  Its been a while since we got to spend the whole day relaxing together!  I am so thankful for the gift God has given me in Brandon and I look forward to years and years of blog post about our future anniversaries!

More Updates to come about our awesome vacation with the Cobbs!

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  1. Thanks for the Cara:stop reading here part...much appreciated!


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