Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got Christmas Money? ...I've got your answer!

I know if you are like me some of you have some Christmas money just burning a whole in your pocket.  Have I got the best way for you to spend it or what?  I know, like any good friend I will not leave you in the dark when I love something.  And I love adoption.  I read tons of blogs every day ...yes everyday... and I fall in love with these children more every day and I fall in love with the families that love them.  You may have noticed...or probably not as you don't stalk every corner of my blog, so let me direct you to the list on the right column of my blog showing my fav adoption blogs.  You will fall in love too!  There is one in particular I want to share with you today.

Ashley and Nate Miller have the most adorable family.  They both went to Lipscomb like me.  We didn't really know each other well in school but you know how it goes...we have a couple of mutual friends and with the adorableness that is their children its hard not to notice them.  God has called them to adopt a little boy from Ethiopia, which is so exciting.  You can read all about this journey they have been on here on their blog.  But yuck...adoption is super expensive.  Trust me I have done my research.  If you know me well, then you know I do research before making decisions...I even made a pros and cons list before deciding to date my now husband...extreme I know, but that's for another post.  Back to the Millers, they are selling 147 Million Orphan gear to help fund their adoption. (See their super cute gear in their family picture above!)  It is a fabulous organization.  Check it out here.
Example:this gorgeousness, I just purchased...
Doesn't it look buttery soft!  I'm so excited!

You can purchase yours here Purchasing this shirt will provide food, water, or medicine for a child in need meaning 50% of the profits of this shirt will go to a child in Uganda, Ethiopia, Honduras, China, or Haiti.  And the Millers will receive a portion to go toward their adoption cost!  So email Ashley today to get yours!  They have cute kids t-shirts too!  You have to order through Ashley for the purchase to count for their family. 

They are also selling Magazine bead necklaces which are super cute!  The women of the Karamojong tribe create these beautiful necklaces by hand from re-cycled paper … 147 Million's goal is to help these women maintain sustainable income for their families.  I think all of you could rock these necklaces as a serious fashion statement!  So head over to Bringing Nolan Home to get yours today!  

 If your family was stepping out to follow God's calling for your life, wouldn't you want people to be supportive of you?  I know I would.  

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