Wednesday, April 13, 2011


B and I got away last weekend for a night to the bright lights of Atlanta!  
You can thank my sis Camille for my fun glasses.  Its always fun to drive Camille's car.  There are at least 4 pairs of sunglasses tucked into different compartments at one time or another.

First stop, IKEA!

We spent several hours here pursuing and purchasing.  For the first hour of just trying to make it through the show room once, we were both overwhelmed despite my having been there before.  I obviously had not adequately prepared my sweet husband for how overwhelming it would be.  But after a rest break we were ready for some decision making.
Our goodies included a cube system (that's what I call the shelf), some baskets, jars, picture frames, and chairs.

After the IKEA exhaustion set in, we had a super fun dinner out at Pappacito's to renew our caloric energy.  And trust me I got plenty of calories in.  The food there is amazing!  Your fajitas come with a cup of melted butter.  You heard me...BUTTER!  Yum!

Our second day consisted of delicious Starbucks to get us started and some shopping.  Some how I ended up with nothing and my adorable hubby came home with 3 new things that look just smashing on him if I do say so myself.

We had so much fun just getting away and we got home in time for the final 4 games.
My sweet husband was kind enough to put together our purchases while watching the games.

The final product:
Without much styling or filling it up just yet.  But I think this piece can grow with us.
And our new slip covered chairs.
My hubby was super impressed with how easy it was to put the furniture together.  He gave it an A+.  And I think IKEA gives my hubs a little modern to help drown out my "old lady" antique lover style.
Got to meet in the middle somewhere.

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