Sunday, April 10, 2011

Excited about Dirt!

I'm SO behind on blogging.  I've got so many on my Blog: To Do List.  We have been in and out of town and undertaking large projects around the house.  One of which is the start of our garden!!  Naturally a once medium size project is now HUGE because that's how we roll around here.  It all started when my mom got a greenhouse, which changed our motto from "what should we grow" to "why not grow it".  One day I came home to find this...
  My dad had started plowing the field.  This officially solidified the enormity that is our garden.  Its approximately 10 yards by 35 yards per my quarterbacks' estimations, Dad and B. 

Last weekend, we along with my parents started planting our "cool weather" veggies and a few vegetables that were just getting too big in the green house and just had to be planted.  A total of 3 1/2 rows.

Row 1/2:  Zinnias 
For a little color and pretty-ness as you view the garden from the house.

Row 1:   Radishes   Garlic   Sweet Onions 
...then a few flowers to fill in to the end of the row.

Row 2:  Potatoes
Planted from these guys.  They look like rotten potatoes but you got to do what you gotta do for some yummy home-grown potatoes later. 

Row 3:  4 Zucchini mounds    5 Squash mounds   Carrots   4 Cucumber mounds
**We realize its early for zucchini, squash and cucumbers but they were so large in the green house we were afraid they would die if we didn't plant them.  And we have more if they die from being planted too soon.

Luckily, we had my dad there to teach us about the precision of growing a row garden.
First, we staked a big tobacco stick in one side of the garden at least 2 foot from the edge of the garden.
Second, tied a string to the stake and ran it to the far other side of the garden.
Third, measured our two foot from the side and staked another tobacco stick and tied the string to it.

This allows us to have straight rows that aren't curving back and forth like the waves on the beach or running diagonal and wasting precious garden space, which is for sure how I would have ended up planting if I didn't have the string for a guide.
(Its hard to see but the string is yellow.)
Lastly, Just uproot and re-stake the tobacco sticks by measuring at least two feet on both sides of the garden to create your second perfectly spaced straight row.  
**We did two feet spacing (really more like 27-28" because that is how big our tiller is and we want to be able to run in between our planted rows.

Now to add to my already growing lists of projects:
I really need to make some cute but sensible signs so as to remember where I planted what.  I tend to have a rather finite memory or so I like to think but a few cute signs as a reminder are always nice.
I can't find much inspiration online but I like these because they are simple.
I love the chalkboard signs but I don't understand how they work.  Gardens require either rain or watering and doesn't that erase what you have written??  Please let me in on the secret if there is one.

We are so excited about having vegetables fresh from the garden all summer!  It will be so nice to just walk out the door and grab our dinner.  And hopefully we will save TONS of money!  My favorite thing to do.  That's all for a garden as of the beginning of April.  We will keep you updated with our progress and additions.  Matter of fact I have broccoli and cauliflower that needs to be planted asap so I guess we will begin Row 4 in the next couple of days.

I love all the responses for the Chandelier Vote!  With all of our big projects going on, my time is running low.  And... You know me I like to do my projects as frugally as possible so I will be looking with caution and a careful eye for all my supplies.  
So go vote if you haven't already!

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