Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Have A Vote!

Everything in my life is usually just new to me.  Not new to the universe.  I'm one of four and sure we had plenty of new clothes in our days but when I was little I don't remember going to the store often and getting excited about buying a new pair of jorts (totally sported light denim to the knees shorts with a rolled hem and some splatter paint accents!) or a dress.  I remember getting super excited when a new bag of clothes arrived from one of several older girls at church.  We all immediately dove in and tried everything on!  I'm not ashamed to love hand-me-downs!  So of course I'm so excited about my 3 new to me items for the house.  

First, I got a new recliner for B.  Yes it is retro.  Yes it is green.
But I love it.  You can't really see in the picture, but it has beautiful nail head trim.  And guess how much I paid for it??????  $10!!  That's right only 10 bucks at the local Habitat Restore!
If you only knew how pink the original recliner was.  Being married means compromise, right?

The last two are light fixtures.
On the right:  The cool-bird-cage-looking-awesomeness that is this light fixture.  I don't know where it came from or why there are vines growing on it.  But my Junkologist Papa had it in his barn and let me have it.  For free!  I'm a lucky girl!  Can't wait to find a place for her!  
Am I the only one who likes her?

On the left:  The Big Brass Chandy from Habitat Restore
  It was only $20.  And its heavy and nice.  Yes, I find this to be a deal.  I love chandeliers!  But this one, definitely needs a paint job!  Can I get an Amen?   I  may do it up something like this that I found out there in blogland by adding beads and sparkly things.

Or maybe something simple like this by Centsational Girl.

These are also super fun!

Let's have a vote!
Please vote below and give me your honest opinion.  Trust me.  My mom always does.  I like a straight shooter.

What shall the fate of the brass beauty be?
Thanks for voting!  I need all the help I can get with my indecisive-home-design-self!
I love all my hand-me-downs!  Hope you can find joy in the old and new in your life too


  1. LOVE the green recliner. LOVE the birdcage chandelier and my favorite option for the brass one is GREEN. However, white is also nice and would have more longevity.


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