Sunday, March 27, 2011

Celebrations and Junking

I had a fabulous weekend!  It all started with an adult slumber party complete with a Wildcats' Win!  Go Big Blue!  Waking up and drinking coffee with some of our closest friends is one of my simplest joys!  

Next...a delightful brunch to celebrate my favorite designer and most creatively talented friend, Caity Shinnick
Happy birthday, sweet Caity!

Then I spent Saturday afternoon, "Junking" it up at my local flea market!  Its only my second experience with the flea market.  I know what planet did I grow up on!  Its strangely wonderful.  It brings out the worst in my second-guess-every-single-purchase personality.  Luckily once I got these beauties home I only ever so slightly regretted one...kind of.  See my newest treasures!

A Desk for my Guest Room
I see POTENTIAL!  Do you?  My hubby isn't so sure, but I love the pulls on the drawers.  I think it could be beautiful white washed.  And I see potential for a lovely vanity in a sweet princesses room one day.  I just see the possibilities.  Keep your eyes tuned to the blog for the future face lift of my newest solid wood beauty.

Fabulous Ornate Antique Table
Isn't she a beauty?  She needs a little TLC.  A good wipe down and sanding for sure.  I don't know if I can paint her because I love her just the way she is.

Nic-Nac Fav's!
 3 Wood blocks in my favorite colors!  I'm planning them for a potential gallery wall.
And ...I know I know I need to expand my color palate.  Trust me I've got plans to bring in some new hues!  Stay tuned.  
Then a cute cute cute adorable little blue jar to add to my blue jar collection.  $1.  I love miniature things!

A Mini Milk Glass Vase to match my big boy vase.  
Milk glass is my newest collectible.  I know you must be thinking she collects a lot of crap.  Which is not true!  I collect blue jars.  Milk glass.  I think thats it.  My husband might be able to add to the list of what he considers "grandma things" but I love them!

A Pretty Print

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING I GOT ALL DAY!  THE DIRECTION WIND/BARN THINGY!  Isn't it fabulous?!!!!!  I can't stop looking at it.  And better news...It was only $3!!!  $3!

Oh the joys of scavenging the flea market!  I'm in love with my new finds.  Hope if you went, you found some new loves too!

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  1. I love all your stuff! It's my fav kind of style too. The patina wind direction thingy is awesome! :) Great finds in my opinion!


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