Sunday, March 13, 2011

Glue Never Hurt So Good

So I started this project when I was down for count momentarily with strep.  After a painful shot in my fanny I was practically as good as new the next day.  I had been planning this project FOREVER and finally got around to then it took me 3 weeks to finish it. Typical.  But at last it is done.  
The Book Page Wreath!  
Like these...

Now I didn't do a complete tutorial but you can read the two above for complete step-by-step details.
Living with Lindsay
Jones Design Co.
I started by gathering my supplies:
Foam wreath (mine was 12")
One tutorial I read said they found their foam wreath for $1 at dollar tree.  I couldn't find it!  Insert mad noise.
Old book bookS  (1st one...80 cents at Goodwill!  2nd-one-I-didn't-think-I-would-need-after-300+-page-1st-one...courtesy of my parent's treasure chest garage!)
Glue gun with glue sticks
A strip of ribbon and a straight pin for hanging when your done.

First lets talk about folding...actually its more rolling because you don't actually want to put any creases in the paper.
These are 3 of the most common rolls I chose to use and variations of the like.  You can do whatever with the paper.  Its your wreath.  Do it your way.
**Every time I say I made a wreath.  I feel like a 90's housewife decorating my country style home with a baby's breath wreath mixed with cinnamon sticks or something.  Woof.  ...  I have to remind myself it can be cool to make a wreath.  It can be cool.  It can be cool.**

Once you roll it your way, you will need to put a drop of hot glue between each layer or at least the ones making it hold its shape so that it won't come unrolled as you affix it to the wreath.  This is especially true for the first and last couple of layers.  But if you are anything like me, I just did it the whole time just in case.  I chose to place my pages with the torn end out for a more ruffle-y look.

Layer 1--Hot glue to the underside of the wreath.  Then, flip it over to continue layering.
Layers 2 thru 100 (or so it felt) -- Keep up the good work...rolling, glueing, layering.
After you feel like your done...You're might not be.  You need to fill in the gaps for a fuller wreath look. Just roll, cut off the clean end to make it short enough to just stuff in where you have a hole in you fullness.
**BEWARE:  Hot Glue is a weapon.  It will burn like the dickens.  You can use the blunt end of a pencil to help you push the paper into place if you want to be smart or you can endure the pain like I did.**

At some point early on, you may need to weigh down the wreath for a bit so the wreath will be able to hang mostly flat to the wall.
I used a big book.  Worked like a charm.
Finished project:
Not hung in its final destination but I haven't decided where that will be yet.  Sounds like everything in my house right now.

I love it.

We also finished a second project.  I can hear your gasp through the computer.  I know!  2 projects done in one post.  Its unheard in the Steele household in 2011.
Our second hutch.

Sorry my pictures aren't the best of it.  Its not as neon as it appears.
I worked yesterday on distressing it.  I'm no expert.  Its completely imperfect.  But isn't that the point?  I hope so because it definitely has a few sand paper slips.

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  1. I made a book wreath last year, and it's seriously one of my favorite pieces of decor. It's Sense and Sensibility and a trashy romance novel from the Goodwill. :) lol I love your hutch! Wish I had time for this stuff right now! I guess I can live through blog posts and sigh... ;)


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