Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Weeks 31-33

Who knew the third trimester was so busy?  I suppose it is just preparation for the chaos that is parenting, but it has put a continued damper on my blogging skills.  I hope to one day recover those skills.  I really love blogging.  One day folks, I'll blog about things you care about again, but for whatever reason my "nesting" has been very minimal and has not included any do it yourself projects.  Bummer for you.  Oh well.  Back to the baby.

Finley has really grown big!

Finley has been less than participatory at times during her bi-weekly testing.  She loves to sleep through the test.  At one of her test at 32 weeks, she had to be buzzed with this little handheld noisemaker to get her to move enough to pass the test.  I hope she continues her deep sleeping after birth...pipe dreams I know.
It may take an experienced ultrasound viewer to see her little face in the picture below.  She is lying on her side with her face to the right.  You can see the outline of her eyes and nose.  She has an arm over her little mouth.
 The classic profile picture.  Getting harder to get by the session as she sinks lower and probably just gets tired of having her picture taken.

 33 Weeks.
Thanks to my sweet friend, Cherry, for letting me borrow some of her maternity clothes.  At this point, leggings and a baggy shirt are my favorite outfit.  However, I only have one of those outfits.  Forgive me if I wear it 50x in the next month.

At 33 weeks, Finley is a growing girl.  She weighed in at a approximately 4 lbs 9 oz.  Around the 50th percentile.  It sounds small, but she is gaining about a half pound a week right now, so that make her a pretty average baby even though she is coming early.  
Please note that yes I am getting big.  No fooling anybody these days.  My patients are starting to comment more.  Most of the time its "Finley is really growing!"  Thanks patient.  I agree she is.  That is sweet of you to notice.  However, it gets more comical, when I get "Man you are getting big!" or "You look awfully big for her only weighing 4 1/2 lbs."  Thanks, every pregnant woman loves hearing things like that.

Sweet baby girl looking pretty creepy.  

At 33 1/2 weeks, the specialist office was pretty quiet so the sweet ultrasound tech turned on the 3D for a minute and we got this beauty.
Pretty cute even with her little smashed nose!

Hopefully I will update again before she arrives, but I make no promises.  Our schedule is getting more booked for September by the day and our sweet baby girl should be here in approximately 4 weeks.  Our OB is shooting for the first week in October!


  1. I love all the ultrasound pics especially the 3D! Almost time, I'm sure you can hardly wait. By the way you look amazing as ever pregnant :)

  2. That 3D pic is amazing! I think she looks like you, Court! She's gorgeous! (I know some people think its crazy to say you can tell from the 3D pics...but I have an eye for these things!) and if you must know I looked at these pics and thought to myself- "the only big part of Courtney is that belly!" The rest of you is tiny and cute as always. Can't wait to meet this sweet girl. Put us on that babysitting list! :)


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