Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cute as a Button: The Shower of the Year

Cute As A Button.

The theme of the baby shower for our sweet baby girl.  Now if you have never been at a shower thrown by my friends, then you have missed out.  When I say theme, I mean it touched every aspect of the shower in the cutest way.  Finley, Brandon & I were so very lucky to be the recipients a few weeks ago.

The "Finley" name sign made to match the decor.
Along with some baby pictures.

The sign in table.
Where you were asked to guess the date, arrival time, and size on a button and place it on the calendar.

Brandon's sweet family came down to be apart of our special day.

The babies loved the shower as well.  So cute to see them playing together.

As you can see we were very blessed!
Oh my.  Look at all those little girl things.

We were so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful shower.  Finley is one lucky girl!

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