Monday, March 11, 2013

Finley: 4 Months Old

Okay...I'm a month late.  Finley is 5 months old today.  Oh well.

At 4  months old, you had another official well check up.  You have grown to 13 lb. 13 oz. (50th percentile) and 25 inches long (75th percentile).  The nurse guessed you to be 15 lbs easy...guess you look bigger than you are.

You had to get some more yucky shots which led to this...
Yucky!  Poor baby girl!

The doctor said you could slowly start eating some solid foods.  We were very excited.  You have been quite eager.  You love watching Mommy and Daddy using forks and spoons.
First bite.  
You took to eating your cereal very well.  We were quite surprised how little you spit back out.  You ate half a serving that first night and within the first few days, you were scarfing down more than your fair share.  Which is good because you only want to nurse 5-10 minutes every 3 hours or so. The doctor says its fine but Mommy wishes you would eat more so I would feel reassured you are getting enough, but oh well.  You are happy the way you are so I will be too.

You don't love tummy time, but you are getting better at holding yourself up.

You love to play with your toys.  It's fun to watch you discover them and learn more about the environment around you.
Sorry for the mommy voice.  
Fun Fact:  Finley's Aunt MoMo, better known as Camille, played high school football her senior year as a place kicker.  Bad A**. (Sorry there isn't another word for it)  Maybe Finley will grow up to be so cool!

You wore your Kentucky cheerleading outfit that Daddy bought you for Christmas for the first time.  
C-A-T-S!  Cats!  Cats!  Cats!
Mommy is working to come to grips with the fact you could potentially be a cheerleader one day.  I promise to still love you, but I may do some secret mourning if that does come to be.

Your hair has continued to grow.  At times, it stands straight up like a mohawk.

One of your favorite things to do this month is FaceTime with Daddy or your cousins!

You had playdates with your friend, sweet Loralei.  You loved watching her play.

 First time in the Jenny Jump-up.  You spun around more than you bounced but you enjoyed it because you were able to "stand up" which is one of your favorite things to do.
 You continue to enjoy bath time.

 This January, we had some warm days and enjoyed some refreshing family walks.  You love watching Paisley while we stroll.

You have begun chewing on things so we tried out Sophie the Giraffe.  You both enjoyed it and were a bit unsure.

We celebrated Big C's birthday on Jan. 17th at Longhorn.  You were a trooper considering bedtime was just around the corner.

First "big" snow.

You learned to screech.
This is the best video I could get.

Happy 4 months to the smiliest, happiest girl I know!
Thanks for the great pictures Erin Thacker Photography!

Sweet big girl!

Behind the scenes of monthly photo shoots:

The slow fall.

Sister distractions.

"Mom, what is this?  Why did you stick this on my tummy?  Can I eat it?"

The mayhem will only increase I'm sure.
See you next month...
And by that I mean today.  Happy 5 months, Finleybear!

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  1. Happy 5 months, Finley! Yes, I read every word and watched each video--she is so CUTE! Hopefully we can see you guys soon! She's growing up so fast!


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