Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finley: 5 Months Old

I can't believe you are almost a half year old!  You change so much every day!

This month you were full of personality!  Smiles everywhere.  A giggle here and there.  And the occasional full fledge drama-mamma!
(She gets her drama honest as you can tell.)

Although you smile constantly, a laugh is tough to come by.  You don't pass out your mirth to just anyone or for just any silly face.  You prefer the open mouth silent laugh.
But Daddy got your giggly by being the silliest Daddy around.
I wish I could have gotten a better video.  She was distracted by the camera.

This month you have really started to notice Paisley.  You absolutely love her, despite her incessant licking.  I'm excited to see you girls as blossoming best friends!
You are always trying to pet her and I must say Paisley has been a champ because your petting is more like hair pulling.

As Spring has sprung, you got your first two pairs of sunglasses!  You love them and look like such a stunner in them!
Thanks Papa and Aunt CiCi for the gifts!

We made a quick trip to Curve to see your cousins and help JaJa come home after helping Aunt Candy take care of Crockett and Coleman.  
You absolutely love them.  And your Cubby and CrocCroc loves you.   
I think this is the sweetest picture.  While we were getting them ready for bath, they were having the biggest time playing on the floor together.

You seriously smile all the time, which is one of the few things that makes waking at night with you bearable.  Yes Yes folks.  This is my hungry little snacker who depending on the night might sleep like a champ or want to eat all the time.  Week to week things are different around here.  Oh well.  Every time I think I might not survive another night of random waking, God lulls her to sleep and quiets her upset tummy and she sleeps forever.

You have really enjoyed getting to try some fruits and veggies over the past month.

Silly girl!

With the chilly weather this February/March, you often rocked your sweat suit and bunny go-go booties!  

Favorite toys this month:
Particularly your soft books.  You love that they crinkle and make noise and are so fun to eat!
What's not these days?
 Your Monk-Monk
 Great gift Daddy!

And...finally you have enough hair to put a clip in.
Although, I admit from a distance your hair is so light that it looks like it is just glued to a bald head.  Oh well.  One thing at a time.

Happy 5 Months, Ninnybear!
You look much chubbier than your light weight would suggest.

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