Friday, April 19, 2013

Finley: 6 Months Old

***Warning*** This is long.  Of course it is for you to enjoy, but more than anything I write it all down so I can remember what happened each month.  So when Finley asks me in 10 and 20 years I just might have somewhat of a recollection of what happened when.

I can't believe you are so old!  It literally feels like yesterday that I sat on the couch all day everyday holding you while you slept and ate the newborn stage away.  Now you sit up on the couch beside me and play with your toys while I drink my coffee!  Where did my tiny little baby go?
Well actually you are still pretty small.  For the longest time you were average (that's a good thing), 50th percentile.  Now it seems you have dropped to closer to the 25th.  You don't care much about eating, you are much too busy for things like that.  It seems you and your friend Lofty-bear may have that in common.  At your check-up this month, you weighed in at 15 lbs 3 oz and were 25 1/4 inches long.  Despite your small weight, you have your fair share of rolls particularly at your wrists and ankles and your upper inner thighs.  
(Adults are cringing but on a baby it is so cute!)
You also have your first ear infection.  Sad day for mommy and baby.  You have been taking it like a champ per your usual self.  I love that about you.  Always smiley and happy no matter how much or little you sleep or eat or how crummy you feel.  I think you get it from your Daddy.

This month you have gotten pretty close to mastering sitting up.  Of course the time I leave you alone on your blanket you fall over and hit your head on the jungle gym (that's what I call her Baby Einstein bouncer/play saucer.)  Oops.  A fall every now and then will make you tough...I guess.
You are pretty proud of yourself.
The doctor was super impressed with your sitting up abilities which is good considering you don't have much of a desire to do a lot of rolling.  You are capable of rolling from your stomach to your back but you don't do it much and you haven't attempted the reverse.  Oh well, you'll learn at some point.  

If I didn't learn anything else in my kagillion years of grad school, it's no two babies are the same and stressing about a baby following the "rules" of development too much is just silly over-protective parent stuff.  A good lesson for moms to remember.

This month in pictures...
You love "drinking" out of a cup whether its the water at Painturos with everyone cheering you on or Daddy's morning coffee.  You love being a "big girl".

Paisley continues to be your best friend.
I must say these are some of my favorite pictures.

You got a lot of cousin time this month with all your favorite "C" named boys....Caden, Copelan, Coleman, and Crockett.
 Neet-ney loves her babies, too.
 Early morning play time with her Cubby.
While at Aunt Candy and Uncle E's, we spent some time at the park.  Finley got to enjoy her first time in a swing and on a slide.

 Finley loved laughing at her silly Copelan and Caden at Patty's.  She loved their crazy antics.

Finley also had some sweet time with her friends!
 They were so cute together.
I hope Annabelle and Finley enjoy as sweet a friendship as I share with Heather.

Finley took her first train ride.

You ate your first mum-mum which you loved!
In general you like to eat anything you can get your hands on...including my camera.
Which makes taking your monthly photos a challenge...

You are such a silly girl.  And still quite the talker.
Sorry this is a long video.

 Your hair has really grown this month.  You started wearing bows without headbands for the first time.

Happy 6 Months to my Happy girl!

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