Saturday, June 8, 2013

Finley: 7 Months Old

You are such a big girl now.  We haven't been to the doctor this month so I don't have any official measurements but I think at 7 months you weigh almost 16 lbs.  You are still a petite little thing but you grow more all the time.  Despite being small you are quite a "big girl".  You love being active and rarely sit completely still.  Snuggles are a thing of the past unless you are sleeping.
 You have mastered sitting up by this point and it's your favorite way to play.
One of your favorite toys is the tea set Gran got you.
You love all the pieces.  Dumping out the basket.  Putting everything in your mouth.  And banging all the pieces on the ground.  Endless amounts of fun.

You have also mastered sitting up in the tub by yourself.  The first day you did it by yourself it really hit Mommy how big you are now.  I can't believe how much you have changed in the last couple of months.

 This month you went to your first wedding.  Although we weren't exactly under the tent just in case you got loud, we were able to see Daddy as he married the beautiful couple.

This month we had our annual baby dedication at church.  It was so sweet to celebrate all the new life and for you to be dedicated with all of your friends.
 Its tough to get a picture of a group with 7 kids under 3.

This month we have just begun to see your little rascal come out.  You can make a mess in no time flat. Luckily Big C has fallen hard for your cuteness and he doesn't mind when you move all his papers around.

Since it got warm in April this year, Daddy was super handy and hung up your swing that Papa got you.  You love swinging.  You just lay back and relax.

A little trick you learned this past month was how to drink from a sippy cup.  You love it.  It's honestly half play toy/half drink dispenser but its fine with Mommy as long as you having fun!

Another trick you have learned over the last few weeks is giving kisses.  Although you can be quite aggressive with your love, its super adorable to your mom and dad.

I love this picture of you and your sister.  You are so excited to be sitting beside her and she looks like a too-cool-for-school-high-schooler who has to pose for a picture with her annoying uncool little sister.

The zoo is one of our favorite places.  Here is one of our trips this month.

Unfortunately, you also got your first ear infection this month.  So sad.  Luckily it went in away just in time for your first plane ride, which went so well.  We will talk about that trip in its own post there are just too many cute pictures for this monthly update.
As you neared 7 months, your first tooth started coming in.  It was the bottom right front tooth.  Mommy discovered it on the day we were flying cross country home from California.  You don't like to let people look at it so a picture was out of the question.

All in all, you are as cute as ever.  We love seeing your little personality come out more and more each happy!  Happy 7 months!

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