Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Month of Family

We have had a blessed month full of visits from family!  In one week alone, we have 4 different visits from out of town family.  Although Finley is okay I guess, I think Brandon and I were the big draw for every one.  Kidding, we've never had this much interest.  Kids are just more fun for every one!

Here is just a little look at our month of family fun!

Cousins Coleman and Crockett and Aunt Candy came in town while their Daddy had to go out of town.  You absolutely love your Cubby and Croc Croc.
Of course while they were here we had to go to the zoo for one of your first zoo trips.  You of course loved the people more than the actual animals but I think you had fun nonetheless.
One of my favorite pictures of you and Daddy! 
The sting ray scared Coleman just a bit when it swam up to the glass.
You liked the turtle.

 JaJa love the zoo with her babies.

Grandmomma Lillian and Aunt Cindy came in to see you.  You loved all the attention they gave you.  Seeing you interact with your great grandmother was truly one of the sweetest things I've seen.  You two adored each other.

 Gran came in to see you.  She loves watching your Daddy try to make you laugh.

 You went out to Memaw and Papa's house with your cousins.  Although Memaw doesn't remember many people these days, she absolutely loves babies and always smiles at you.

Sweet Aunt Tammy came in before her big trip up North and you too had a big time.

Mommy forgot to get a picture of you with your Papa who also came in town and ate dinner with you.

You are one lucky girl to have so many people who love you!

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