Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finley: 8 Months Old

Like every month it seems, you have changed so much!  Every day you are learning new things and becoming less and less my little baby.  At 8 Months, you weigh just under 17 pounds.  You may be small but you are full of personality and we love that about you!
Since it has been warm, you have been enjoying some time in the pool.  Paisley likes your pool or giant water bowl to her as well.
 Splash!  Splash!
 Your other favorite pool activity... Trying to crawl out.

We also went to Wade's pool with Aunt MoMo!  You love the water.

 This month, you learned to pull up in your crib from sitting (you still can't pull up from lying down).  Paisley came over to congratulate you.
You love to play in sitting, but this month you have also started getting into kneeling and half-kneeling during playtime.  Practicing for those milestones ahead.  You can pretty much get to the toys you want by lunging out of sitting to your belly to get that toy just out of reach or by scooting backward on your belly.

Bath time is still a favorite time.  Here you are kissing the baby in your reflection.

Through all the fun and games, we have had a day or two of this as well.

Gran got you a new chair.  I'm not sure you know its a chair but you will soon.

You now also have two teeth, the front teeth on the bottom row.  Big girl.  They are so cute showing in your bright smile!

You continue to try new foods and like pretty much everything.  Bananas are still not your favorites.
Here you are trying purple sweet potatoes with applesauce and cinnamon.  Mommy left the jar a little close and stepped away.  You took that moment to grab some and paint yourself a bit.  Luckily a bath was just around the corner.

 Sweet cousin love.  You loved playing in JaJa's doll house with your Cubby bear.

While Cubby and CrocCroc were in town, we all went to the park.
Poor CrocCroc can't quite defend himself yet.  I'm sure soon enough you will be taking a little bit of payback from him.  For now, a little play payback from CrocCroc and MoMo is all fun and games.
You thought play fighting was so funny!

 You also enjoyed a visit from Gran and from your Papa!  We love having family come in to see you.

At 8 months, you also give a mean high five!  You love giving them to Daddy but will also give them to friends and family if you are in the right mood.

Happy 8 months!  We love you!

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