Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finley: 10 Months Old

10 Months!  Only 2 months away from 1 year old!  I won't think about it yet.  I'm just going to enjoy every day with you!  Because every day you do something new.  

 Between months 9 and 10, pulling up was your biggest accomplishment.  Although you could pull up in 9 months, you were kinda stuck once you got there.  At 10 months, you were pulling things off shelves and exploring everything.

You are a very determined little thing.  It doesn't matter what obstacle is in your way if you want to go somewhere you are going to go and go straight to it.  It never occurs to you to go around something when you could just crawl through it even if its a tight squeeze.

This shopping trip got really interesting when I turned away for like 10 seconds and turned back to find you like this.  You proceeded to do this again at target even with the lap strap on.

All of this death defying stunts is probably why cuts and bruises became so common this month.  Here is your first big bruise (on your forehead).  You were trying to show off for Aunt MoMo and hit a slat on your crib when you fell.

You got some good friend time in this month.  Dinner with Charley and Harper.
Trying to get a picture of you 3 was a challenge.

Play time with some of your favorite boys.  Toran and Jack.

And a pool party with more friends.
You are attempting to eat watermelon here.  I think we have come to decide you don't like it at this point.  You eat a bite here and there but aren't in love.  Your taste buds are ever changing though so maybe sometime soon you can join your Daddy in loving watermelon.

We surprised Aunt Candy with a visit for her birthday.  Anytime you get to see your Cubby and Crocky you are excited.  Cubby loves trying to hold you.
 And you think he is super fun even when he is endangering Crocky's life pushing him at break neck speeds around the gym.

Finger foods were a hit this month.  Here you are trying your first waffle.

You still love your sissy, Paisley.  

Playing at Big C's office is so fun.

First ride on the four-wheeler.

This month you also discovered the toilet.  

And got your first mani/pedi from Aunt Candy.

This month has been so fun.  You are becoming more of a hand full by the day but it's so neat watching you discover this whole new world around you.  We love you, Ninny!

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