Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finley: 9 Months Old

Well as you can see I haven't posted in like a month and a half.  For a while the internet didn't work...dirty Comcast.  Now I'm just not as into it as I used to be.  I love it on one hand and on the other hand when I have "me" time during nap I just want to eat a meal in peace and watch my favorite show. I currently have at least 3 blogs to write and post.  Here's to hoping I can get those done at some point in the near future.


9 Months!
I feel like this month was full of big changes, particularly in your motor skills.  Crawling and pulling up became the norm and basically all you wanted to do all the time.  You are in ~ the 25th percentile for weight and close to the 50th percentile for height.  (If I had written this on time I would remember more exactly...nice mom.)  

Here is your last month in snapshots.

You spent the day with your favorite Kentucky cousins!

You have fallen in love with your blankie!

Why sit when you can stand? 

You discovered outlets, in particular you love to pull things out of them.

Pretty girl at CiCi & Seth's house.

Cousin love in your favorite chair.

Another favorite this month...Paisley's dog bowls. 

Playing in standing just like a big girl.  Where did my baby go? 
You love opening and shutting the "computer" on your table best of all.

Just being a silly girl.

 I love that you are so joyful and excited about life.

First ponytail!

Silly girl with her tutu on her head!

Can't have a blog post without a picture with you and your best friend, Paisley.

Happy 9 Months!
(Now for Mommy to get started on your 10 month blog post.  Maybe next nap.)

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