Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meet The Steeles

My Love, Brandon Nix Steele
Wasn't he adorable!  Look at that hair!

Yes he hated that I made him take this picture on our honeymoon.
No I did not darken this picture...He is actually this tan.  You think oh that must a real damper on her self-esteem...Well sometimes.  But, I choose to think "I'm not as white as I appear.  Its only looks that way when we stand next to each other".

His smile can brighten any room!

Brandon favorite things:  the color Blue, the Kentucky Wildcats, the Sun, his morning quiet time, Sports, Skiing, Running, Chocolate, the Beach, his nephews-Caden and Copelan...

Caden, age 4

Copelan, age 1

Me:  Courtney Autumn Steele 
(Yes not Cross Steele...the lady at the DMV took it upon herself to change my name to whatever she wanted then go to lunch without fixing it to what I request...oh well)

This is my dad's favorite picture.  I think it showcases my especially large forehead.

I am one of four girls...this should explain a lot about my personality.

My favorite things:  Coffee, Playing games, Baja Burrito, Blog stalking, Walking fast, Babies, Resting, Any kind of dip, Cooking, Pictures...

Brandon and I met at Lipscomb University in 2004 when I was on the freshmen orientation team when he started his freshmen year (yes I'm older...and yes I hate that...but its only 9 months).  We didn't however start dating until we were both on the orientation team the next year after I told our friend Garner that I wouldn't date anyone on the Quest team...statements like that always come back to get you.  We have been married for almost two years now.  It has gone by so quickly.  Brandon is the campus minister at Lipscomb University and absolutely loves his job.  I am a second year doctoral student at Belmont University's School of Physical Therapy.  Our life feels crazy right now with our busy schedules and my constant deadlines, but we are trying to enjoy this place in our lives.  We know one day we will look back and think about how simple our life was during this time (although right now I could pull my hair out from the stress most days).  We keep our sanity with amazing friends, family, and church.  We are so lucky to have loving, supportive families;  Brandon's in Murray, Kentucky and mine in Lebanon, Tennessee.  We love Ethos Church where we are apart of the leadership.  Everyday we are encouraged to live missionally for God and it has truly enriched our lives over the past two years.  

Well here is our first post.  Caity has been encouraging me to get a blog so I hope you enjoyed this.  I tried to add a lot of pictures...those are always my favorite blog post to read.  


  1. I love it! I read every word, and yes, I loved the pictures too. You comments on the pics were hilarious...especially the whole I am not as white as I look....just when I stand next to him...I can relate. Have you seen the whole Clayton family in the summer time?!?! Love that you did this! And I love you! Syd

  2. I read every word, too! I think so many people will enjoy reading about the Steeles. You guys are too interesting not to have a blog. Love you guys!

  3. YAY! I am so happy you caved in! I think you will be an excellent blogger, you're too funny not to be blogging! I loved this post as your first one - it makes me want to dig out some old pics of me & Will from our childhood and post them! Love you!

  4. Court, I love it and read every word! My only request is now that you have started blogging is that you update it frequently! I hate to go blog stalking and there has been no update on there lives, seriously, how am I suppose to keep up with peoples lives if they do not update there blog! Looking forward to more post from the Steele's were the only Cross who has good enough writing skills to start a blog! Love Candace

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I beg your pardon Candace. I may be a terrible spellier but my wit and humor can give Courtney a run for her money. Just wait unitl the day that i am worthy of a blog.
    My suggestions:
    1. Keep the gushy comments about your lovey dovey husband to a minimum.
    2. Only post flattering pictures on me
    3. Update more, ive already checked your blog twice since you made becoming impatient.

  7. Courtney -
    I heard you found an old blog called "Princess over all".... is that right? Can you remind me of the address? I used to have it somewhere, but I can't find it any longer.

    Great post on BSteele. I look forward to keeping up with you both on here!


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