Monday, March 15, 2010

You shouldn't triple-dog-dare me!

Cara Christina Cross
The girl you know by her love of monogramming in the 
Curlz  font.

My lovely sister said she would only read my blog if I would stop saying mushy things about my husband and start talking more about her.  Then today she dared me to write a whole post about her (if you know Cara you can hear her saying that dripping with sarcasm)...looks like I'm calling her bluff.  So get to know my sister Cara...

Cara's Favorite Things:  
94.1 The Fish, Napping, Being a Daddy's girl, Being tidy, Shopping with Mom, Coffee shops, Monogramming everything, Playing the neglected middle child (puh-leeze), Meggie & Erin

Here is Cara as a little one...
As if you can't tell, Cara is 4 here.

Mom always tells the story of how she was walking down the rode with Cara as a baby in a stroller when a stranger stopped her and said "She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen."  And thus it began...

Fun Fact #1:  Cara is really good at getting free food.
Case in point...Cara got a free meal at SATCO when the lady at the check-out thought she was a poor, high school mom-to-be from the local trailer park.

Fun Fact #2:  Cara wants to be a nurse!  

Love the bedside manner.

Fun Fact #3:  Goldy Locks
Yes, yes, yes.  Cara once had golden hair.  It really did shine like Barbie was the craziest thing.  
And loved pouty faces!

Fun Fact #4:  Cara does not like mornings!

Fun Fact # 5:  She is beautiful!
And this is her daughter, Sophia.  
Okay its not, but doesn't it look like it!

And now to leave you with the most FAMOUS Cara picture of all time!  As if you haven't seen it.

I know what you're thinking...its not so fabulous of you either.  I totally agree.  Its like I have a tube of curls around my neck and I'm the pale adopted sister.

I love you Carebear!

Look for future installments of "get to know my sister" featuring Candace and Camille.


  1. im flattered....yet embarassed!
    Revenge is mine!

  2. This is so sweet and funny! I love this & this is exactly why I love you guys!!!

  3. bahahaha--I LOVED this post! Cara, you make a GORGEOUS trailer park pregnant girl :) love you guys!


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