Monday, April 12, 2010

I like to think I'm saving the world!

So last week was the CRAZIEST week I've had in a long time!  Brandon and I both have been so busy and this week will be no different.  However, I took a much needed break this weekend while B was out of town and did my part to save the world...I went on a planting frenzy!  I do believe we will have more oxygen and less carbon dioxide thanks to my sweet little plants and the world will be happier just for seeing them.  Ok...maybe that's too far, but flowers make me happy so you see where my exaggeration stems from.

Prepare yourselves for some serious pictures...I took about 50!  But I wanted to show you the magic that can happen when Jackie Cross, my mom, is on your side!

So this is how it all began...
This is just the first load of flowers...Mom and I made at least 2 more trips for various supplies!

All of the pots and planters.

Getting organized.

Candace's section of flowers

Posing with my flowers before we got started.

Getting started is always the hardest part.  Choosing which flowers go where and who's using what,etc.  I will try to give you some tips a long the way that I have learned from Mom.

To start:  How to make a hanging basket
1.  Gather your supplies.  We used a hanging basket from Big Lots (FYI-it was almost $3 cheaper than its counterpart at Lowe's).  Mom purchased burlap from Joann's to use as a liner instead of the thick more expensive liners sold especially for hanging baskets.  Another money saving move we usually make is buying hanging baskets of the geraniums and blue stuff and splitting it into individual plants...cheaper than buying four individual geraniums or blue plants.
Our plants of choice:  Geraniums in Hot Coral(my fav's), wave petunias, some pretty blue stuff (no clue what its called), and an asparagus fern (which we will halve to make it go farther).

**Jackie tip:  Always have something tall in the center:  Geraniums or a spike etc., Something draping over the sides:  the pretty blue stuff, wave petunias, asperagus fern, ivy, etc.  This is what makes hanging baskets beautiful!

2.  Cut the burlap to fit the hanging basket.  We just cut a big square then folded down the edges as necessary.
3.  Put rocks in the bottom...just a few for drainage purposes so the water doesn't run straight through and out the bottom.
4.  Add dirt.
5.  Start adding your plants as directed by the first Jackie tip.  Then fill in which additional dirt.  
6.  Pose with your beautiful design and enjoy!
Candace with her beautiful hanging basket.
My hanging basket in the back yard hanging from a chain on the tree.

Carebear also came down to create planter masterpieces for her Barbie Dream House.  Naturally, she chose the lime green planters pictured below.
Carebear is modeling Mom's dusting vest.  Even Mom is slightly embarrassed to wear it in public as demonstrated when she realized she had worn it into Co-op...oops!
Notice the spike in the center for height!  Without would be so one-dimensional and we wouldn't want that.  Would we?  No!
Posing with her BEE-utiful planter!

I wish I had counted how many plants we planted...all I know is I was exhausted.  I, myself, planted 2 window boxes of flowers,
 a small portulaca (I'm in love with this plant!  Its the little one on the step), a planter for the front,
A big planter for the back full of geraniums, wave petunias, and a spike...This one will grow huge...last year it took over my porch,
two window boxes of herbs...lavender, variegated lemon thyme, sweet basil, chives, curly parsley, and fernleaf dill...Yum!
Yes I am wearing an apron...But I won't apologize. I loved it! I even brought one home to wear while I clean!
PS--I drove the Corky mobile in the background multiple times this weekend...I know some of you are SO jealous!

Some baby planters of begonias (the pink ones) and randoms...
Oh and a big green planter of begonias, asparagus fern, and a spike (no picture...I'm sure your sorry after this novel of a picture book.)

Oh and Mom had lots of plants too!
This is one of 5 loads I took around the house to put them all in their places.  

YEAH! for flower season!  I love love love my flowers!  I still have some impatiens to plant in the shady part of my yard.  I can't wait to show how everything looks in a couple of weeks when they have fully recovered form the shock and brutality of planting!  I hope all of you are getting in the gardening mood as well.  I think B and I are going to plant a very tiny vegetable garden as well.  I know...I know so much to take care of!  But the beauty of God's creation is just too much to resist!  So go out and add some beauty in your life!

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  1. Your flowers are so pretty!! I think your mom's hanging basket tips just inspired me to make one when we get back to Nashville!


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