Monday, April 19, 2010

My sanity is in the little things.

So Brandon and I both are at the edge of our sanity with our crazy schedules right now.  However, we have taken a couple of moments to breathe and try some new things!  My oh-so-romantic husband is fabulous at planning dates.  So last week, Brandon planned a special date for us!  I love surprises so I didn't know what we were doing.
Drum roll please............. We went and painted pottery at Brushfire! Then went to Urban Flats, one of my new favorite restaurants!
At Brushfire, I picked out an icecream bowl to paint and B picked out a coffee mug which he naturally painted with a UK emblem...a pretty good one I think.
You can't really see the colors yet, but after it gets fired the colors will really come out.  Brandon's mug is going to be bright blue with white UK and black trim...very detailed!  It took his 3x as long as me with my boring stripes and dots.  Mine is going to be green and blue with white dots.  It was so fun to paint and I'm excited to do it again!

This past weekend, Brandon was out of town speaking at a youth retreat so I went with my family to hear Tim Tebow speak at Lipscomb!  He was amazing!  And it was fun to sit next to 3 girls from the Barbie Dream House who were positively drooling over him!  Matter of fact, when his mom, dad and brother walked right in front of us to go to their seats one of the girls who will remain nameless looked right at his mom and said very breathily "I Love Him!"  I could have cried laughing.  Here are some pictures of the fabulous speaker and of one of our friends who prayed an awesome prayer over him as he enters this crossroads in his life.

Then B and I worked on our yard!  We love gardening which is so 60-year-old retired couple but what can we say.  We have actually started a vegetable garden.  Yes we are in way over our heads but our pocket book will thank us when we save money on produce all summer!!!!  I will add photos later!

Love you guys!  I am going to attempt not to blog for the next 3 weeks in an effort to focus on studying. So if I don't post, don't hate.  If I do, I probably shouldn't be.

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