Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm back!

Ok...Ok...Ok...I'm back.  I know you've missed me.  Well "missed me" is a strong statement, if you are like Cara, you have missed having something to do in class after you've read all of Lofton' s updates.  But either way, you're stuck I'm back.  

Let me explain my absence:
1.  School is sucking the soul right out of me right now.  Our teachers are nitpicking us to death with random projects.  I'll see you sorta in November...a little more in December...then again in March a bit.  Then I'm a brand new person in August!
2.  My camera got lost/stolen at the Denver airport so I was without for a couple of weeks.  Lucky for me, I'm insured out the wazoo and had coverage on my camera I'm back in the game (picture me sliding in sock footed like in those Rock Band commercials).

We have thousands of things going on in life right now; however, very few of which are blog worthy...Sad day!  

Labor day!  

We spent time with wonderful friends at their house boat.  It was so relaxing!  We read books...B laid out...We ate tons of fabulous food!
A couple had a wedding on the shore where about 10 house boats were parked directly in the line of view (see the wedding set up in the background).  They asked us to move about 3 minutes before the bride walked down the was awkward.  So instead of doing the impossible task of moving 10 house boats, we all watched the wedding with binoculars.

Played some corn hole on the 3rd deck of a friend's boat.

Enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather!
Next...A little cuteness!
I am feeding him fresh steamed broccoli  You heard me correctly.  He has those neon green trees on his plate...And more importantly, he is eating it!  Can you believe it?  Its because it is covered in ketchup.  He was literally sucking the ketchup off the chicken he had with it.  I love when kids eat healthy even if its covered in ketchup.  
**Ignore the princess plate he is eating off of...that's what happens when you have an older sister.

B and I got glasses.  Its official we are old!
Nerds.  B hates that I made him take this.

So that's about it for now.  I'll have more soon-ish!
Love you!

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  1. If you ever need a guess blogger in your for hire!
    Glad I saw you at school today, even if you pulled the whole...this is my little sister, isn't she cute? card...yeah spare me next time, im an adult here! Or at least let me pretend to be one in your presence. Is that too much to ask!
    Blog in on the toilet..just make it happen! I cant rely on Cherry and Caity for my fix of blog stalking, I need you too!
    love you!
    Ps: Erin loves house church with you!


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