Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's up? Senioritis on steroids... that's what's up!

Sorry pals!  I know I haven't blogged in ...over a week...I'm horrified to admit it.  I was on such a roll.  Oh well.  I'm being kept busy getting mediocre grades in school.  
Speaking of the devil clothed in grad books, scantrons, and highlighter...
ONLY 10 days of class left!!!!!!
What?  I know its crazy.  I have been drowning in this madness with no light at the end of the tunnel for so long it is taking me some time for my eyes to adjust.  I thought senioritis was back in college...plu-leeze its 100 times worse in grad school!  Granted in those tiny little 10 days I have 5 huge exams.  So I have yet to find ANY freedom in the number 10.  On December 10th at approximately 10:30 am I will be screaming, dancing a jig (probably embarrassing my husband), and potentially passing out because my classroom days will be OVER!

So other than my mission for adequate grades and the fact that I am currently watching Jerseylicious...Here's a life update:
1.  I have been planning all kinds of DIY projects (I like calling them DIY because I lived with an art person for years and the word crafting was a dirty word in our apartment.  And... Crafting feels like I should be using construction paper and glue to make a cheesy scrapbook.)  Anywho...I have all kinds of plans.  I am great at making plans and terrible at following through, especially lately.  You should see my collection of lists in my phone.  
2.  Decorating for Christmas!  I know I know its early but I have finals after Thanksgiving I have to do it early...or at least that is the excuse I have used the past 3 years.  Guess I'll come up with a new one next year.  Have no fear...I will be blogging it up about my Christmas decor.  For now check out the mess before it all turned into magical Christmas merriment!

3.  On an all out search for boots!  For 2 years I have been looking for brown leather boots.  I just couldn't pull the trigger.  Well the gunpowder is fresh...I have gotten 2 sets of boots in the last 2 weeks.  Grey and Brown.  I'm in love.
4.  Played with my mom's old sewing machines.  She showed me some of the features and told me to play around with it while she had her bees inspected by the state bee police...Yes bees like little yellow and black honey-making flying bugs with stingers.  I was like cool I watched you do it I can do it.  I tried every button on that machine and couldn't actually get the needle to start doing anything.  I could get it set up to the point where you are supposed to start sewing but then was clueless.  Looks like I am going to need more than a little bit of help learning to sew.

5.  After shopping in my parent's basement, I have a new side table for the den.  I love it!  Its kind of retro.  I got it as a potential coffee table but it just wasn't the right fit.  Problem...Now I must find a new coffee table.

The wood is actually darker than it appears.  Now to get rid of that cheap lamp.  Luckily my PaPa is a famous junkologist and I got a plain silver lamp this week.  I just need to find a shade and decide if I am going to paint the lamp or not.
This is my Papa's full page spread in the local paper.  That's him in the overalls.

Sorry for the boring post!  Oh well.  You guys will have to wait until after Thanksgiving for the Christmas extravaganza post!

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