Sunday, May 15, 2011

She did it folks!

After 5 years of absolute misery and grueling studying, 100 packs of notecards, making approximately 3 nursing friends, a few tears and a great peace being in God's plan, our Care-bear is finally a BSN!!  We are so proud!  We celebrated this big occasion all weekend, which began with a pinning on the day after the beloved Florence Nightingale's birthday.  What a kawinkidink!

Candace got to pin Cara as a fellow nurse.
I'm sure you are surprised to see that Cara bought monogrammed jackets for she and her nurse friends.  That is so not something she would do.

Graduation Event #2:  The Party
If  you know my family, you know we love a good party.  And by we, I mean all of us but especially my party planner extraordinaire mother.
(Side Note:  My mother just got an i-phone and a facebook.  Congrats Mom!)

Graduation Event #3:  The Actual Graduation
Aren't they the cutest?

Although Cara and Big C were still having fun, all this graduation partying tuckered Cubbie out so he fell asleep sitting up in the middle of hundreds of people.  Now that's sleepy.
Anyone would be lucky to have you as a nurse!

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