Saturday, May 28, 2011

Catch-up Blog #1

Yes I will have to number them.  I am approximately 3-4 blog behind and I'm so mad at myself for it.  In my head, I have let my readership down (what readership? please) and the post like food or celeb gossip is never better than it is fresh off the presses.  So here is my slightly stale take on 4 blogs I've been storing up for you guys.

Spray Paint Your Way to Newness

I have an admission:  I used to be afraid of spray paint.  All that dripping and running.  All these rules about how far away to hold the can and at just this right angle and this kind of long stroke...Aaaaahhhh!  I can't handle it all being on me like that.  I thought it was supposed to be the easy alternative to real paint.  

But alas I have slowly confronted my fears and now think spray paint can be a true Life Changer!  That's right I made a huge sweeping statement there that I will not take back.  In fact, I will repeat it.  
Spray paint is a Life Changer!

My latest adventure in spray painting includes giving new life and uniformity to my ho-hum flower pots.  You know those pots you bought last year for $4 at big lots that looked shiny and vibrant but now look muddy and have startling amount of dents and scratches just from a year of taking the brunt of a Tennessee summer...Yes, even those pots can be revitalized.

Case in point.

Now I couldn't just let these ladies be less than their best on my porch.  They needed a good spit shine before I would let them on my brand new porch.  In comes their knight in shiny metal armor...
I recommend the spray paint gun-handle thingy for all painting projects.  Total finger saver.  I chose to use the above spray paint because my mom already had like 6 cans.  Boom.  Great reason.  And I wanted a not to shiny, not to dull, just right paint.  
(Shhhh....I'll let you in on a little secret.  I also used the same spray paint to paint my ...don't tell anyone... shutters.  You heard me.  The shutters on my house were spray painted white.  I bet you can't tell though.  I'll show you a picture once the house is complete.  B says I shouldn't show you the house yet.  But I think we should be complete-ish by next weekend so expect pictures after that...hopefully more timely than my recent tract record.)

Step One:  Find your paint and buy a spray gun thingy.  Done.

Step Two:  Gather your old pots.  You can use any of them no matter how opposite they appear in the beginning or if their matching twin finally went to be in garden heaven, because after we're through with them they will have a brand new uniform-matchy matchy family.
(I forgot to take a picture of all the pots beforehand.   Blogger fail.)

Step Three:  Find a place to paint.  To my husband's dismay I usually choose our brand new grass.  He loves when I paint bright white circles into it. We're just going to cut the paint off next time he mows right?

Step Four:  Paint. Paint. Paint.
It takes no time to dry so paint light even coats and Repeat.
(Not as hard as I used to think it would be.  Just go slow and keep moving.  Its better to go over the same spot 4 times as you circle your pot than try to cover it the first time and it look splotchy and drippy. Yuck.)

Now I have beautiful new shiny white flower pots instead of a riff raff bunch of random loose ends that don't match.  As Jackie would say, "It makes a bigger statement if you use all one color!"  That's her summer 2011 word of wisdom.

(Oops...Guess I gave you a sneak peek of the house.)

I don't have all my pots planted yet but I'm already loving the uniform look.  It makes it look like I went out and spent $$ on all my pots but in reality I just re-invented what I already owned.  Now that's what I call being smart with your money.
My total cost:  Under $10.
My cost if I had bought new matching pots:  almost $100!
...and that's if I stay frugal.

So if you are tired of your blah random assortment of pots.  Do something about it!  Its fun and you can blog about it.  I'd love to see what color you choose.  (Color can be fun!  I almost went with green.)

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